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Today was a Good Day (with photos!)

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the namesake hero of this here blog (which helps explain the lack of posts of late). Young Nyan Thomas caught a series of bugs from his nursery (day care), which led to several days of a constantly running nose, which morphed into a shallow cough, which morphed into a chest infection, complete with fever and general lethargy. Poor little fella. So for the last couple of weeks, he spent a fair amount of time in Colchester, where Phwa Phwa and the rest of the K. clan came together to take care of him on most weekdays, since Mommy and Daddy – still being relatively green at their respective jobs – couldn’t take large chunks of time off.

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Paralympics! (With photos and video)

The other night, we finally made it to the Olympic Park for an evening at the Paralympic Games. (Special thanks to Sharon and Chris for the tickets!)

It was a bit of a mad rush to get there – Mommy had to rush back home to pick up the boy from the daycare, then get back on the train to the Olympic Village, all while Daddy slogged through another day of training for his new job before rushing to the train to meet Mommy and Nyan at the park. The place was heaving with people, but getting through security and the various ticket checkpoints was remarkably fast and efficient. We didn’t see too much of the park, as the place is sprawling, but we did get close to the Stadium, the “Orbital” (that weird red metal sculpture that rises a couple hundred feet into the air), the water polo stadium, and – our destination for the night – the Aquatics Center.  Read the rest of this entry »

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