Today was a Good Day (with photos!)

21 Sep

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for the namesake hero of this here blog (which helps explain the lack of posts of late). Young Nyan Thomas caught a series of bugs from his nursery (day care), which led to several days of a constantly running nose, which morphed into a shallow cough, which morphed into a chest infection, complete with fever and general lethargy. Poor little fella. So for the last couple of weeks, he spent a fair amount of time in Colchester, where Phwa Phwa and the rest of the K. clan came together to take care of him on most weekdays, since Mommy and Daddy – still being relatively green at their respective jobs – couldn’t take large chunks of time off.

After much recuperation, and being kept out of nursery for almost all of the last two weeks, we’re happy to report that the little man is back, baby, and fuller of beans than ever. (Poor Phwa Phwa has come down with a bug herself, likely one of the ones that Nyan had, and surely exacerbated by the exhaustion that comes with looking after him. Aargh.)

He returned to London on Thursday night, and we didn’t want to plop him back into the petri dish of bacteria and viruses that is the nursery – at least not without a few more days of recuperation. So Daddy arranged his schedule so he could work from home on Friday. And – as the title of this post hints at – it was a very good day. Nyan was in great spirits, with no sign of illness. He just wanted to play! Daddy was more than happy to oblige, even if it meant that he maybe didn’t get quite as much work done as he might have wanted. (Shh. Don’t tell his boss.)

So what did Nyan Thomas get up to?

He played with his toys, of course:


He gave cuddles and kisses to his stuffed pal Rollie:

It wasn’t all fun and games though. Here he is, helping Daddy at work by tapping out a message on Daddy’s BlackBerry:

And of course there was some housework to be done – which Nyan Thomas was more than happy to ‘help’ out with. Like sweeping the floor:

He also took it upon himself to dump the bin of to-be-recycled-paper onto the floor. And then offered up pieces of paper to Daddy. (To the lad’s credit, Daddy showed him how to put paper back into the basket  – and he did it! Progress…)

Nyan also thought he’d help out by rearranging the pantry:

And of course he helped out with the laundry too:

Perhaps best of all was that – after many days in a row in which the boy ate very little, to the point that we were getting quite worried, to be honest – the kid ate like a HORSE today. Three good meals, lots of snacking, plenty of juice and liquid. Thank goodness.

So yeah. Today was a very good day.

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One response to “Today was a Good Day (with photos!)

  1. barb

    September 22, 2012 at 10:29 pm

    So glad to hear that Nyan is doing better!!! We have been REALLY worried & keeping up on his progress through Grma & Grpa!! Lots of concern from this side of the pond!!!!! Be well & enjoy being back together…..


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