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Lockdown: This and That

A few random photos from lockdown during April, May and half of June 2020. To be honest, there weren’t may photos from those two and a half months because we just didn’t do all that much!

Those signs were for a photo we took to send to Great Grandma on her 97th birthday in May. (And Nyan made sure Slothie was in the picture!)

The mini car was something we stumbled across on an evening stroll. Cute little car.

That’s just Nyan rambling and letting his imagination run wild. Not much else to do in lockdown!

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The Baby Bird that Came to Visit

Nyan’s bedroom window juts out so that it overlooks the balcony from the side. On the corner of the balcony is a bougainvillea plant whose branches stick out over the railing, near to his bedroom window. Back in March we noticed some weird bunches of sticks on one of the branches. We kept an eye on it and eventually figured it out was a nest being built by a couple of olive-backed sunbirds, little fellas that look kinda like hummingbirds. Cool! We watched them build the (rather ugly) nest:

Eventually they laid some eggs and not long after, we had a couple of baby birds! It was really cool to watch them being fed.

But then… disaster! One of the babies got its food stuck in the thatching and couldn’t get it out. It just sat there, upside down, stuck, for hours, including during a massive thunderstorm. 

We felt bad, so eventually Daddy went out, in the storm, and with a pair of scissors, verrrrry carefully cut the little guy loose from the thatching.

The bird was cold and shivering, and clearly exhausted from hours of struggling to get out.  We gave it a little sugar water and made a little nest out of a towel, out of the rain, so he could rest and recover. 

It wasn’t long before his parents found their little guy and brought him some food.

He stayed there overnight, and the next day we found him back up in the branches of the bougainvillea plant, starting to flap his wings a bit. He looked a little rough for wear but was improving. 

This went on for the next day or so. Then, suddenly, our little friend was gone. We figure he got his wings and flew off to another perch somewhere in the neighborhood. That was a little sad, but we were happy to have helped him out!

Nyan was quite proud too. During one of his daily online meetings with his class, he talked about the whole situation and showed the recovering bird to his teacher and his class.

All in all, it made for a nice diversion during lockdown!

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Lockdown: Keeping Active

It was of course a struggle to make sure we all got enough exercise during lockdown. The pool and gyms were closed; the beach was closed; couldn’t really go outside. So we got creative, with little exercises at home. 

Like slow-motion jumping jacks:

And, at the beach, playing a made-up game involving hitting a seed with a little shovel:

(Okay, that was actually from the day before the lockdown started; hence no mask and no beach restrictions. But the point is the same!)

Slo-mo jumping at the beach:

 (Again, just before, or perhaps the day-of, the lockdown.)

Most days we would just go for a walk around the neighborhood, just to get the blood moving, if not actually pumping hard.

His school helped out by sending links to various exercise programs on Youtube to play along to at home. We did these most days.

And we found weird dance-along videos too:

His music teacher also sent over a video with instructions to dance. So dance he did:

Yeah, it was not a terribly active two months, of course! But we made do the best we could.

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