Lockdown: Keeping Active

03 Jun

It was of course a struggle to make sure we all got enough exercise during lockdown. The pool and gyms were closed; the beach was closed; couldn’t really go outside. So we got creative, with little exercises at home. 

Like slow-motion jumping jacks:

And, at the beach, playing a made-up game involving hitting a seed with a little shovel:

(Okay, that was actually from the day before the lockdown started; hence no mask and no beach restrictions. But the point is the same!)

Slo-mo jumping at the beach:

 (Again, just before, or perhaps the day-of, the lockdown.)

Most days we would just go for a walk around the neighborhood, just to get the blood moving, if not actually pumping hard.

His school helped out by sending links to various exercise programs on Youtube to play along to at home. We did these most days.

And we found weird dance-along videos too:

His music teacher also sent over a video with instructions to dance. So dance he did:

Yeah, it was not a terribly active two months, of course! But we made do the best we could.

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