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Random August Fun

Here’s some random bits and pieces from August 2020:

One day we took a nice long sweaty bike ride to the downtown area.

Random photos:

Goofy dance at a local shopping mall:

More pictures:

Out-of-control goofiness at the end of a sleepover:

And a few more pics:

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Back to School (and the Art Science Museum)

School resumed in August 2020: Year 5! 

He loves to put on a grumpy face for the camera, eh?

Nyan takes the bus to school this year, as does Ellie, the younger girl who lives in our building. They always have a lot of goofy fun on the walk back to the apartment from the bus stop.

Yeah, they held hands briefly one day. When both sets of parents casually mentioned it… well, they both got embarrassed and stopped. Ah well. 

Also in August, we made a Sunday afternoon visit to the Art Science Museum to see the futuristic exhibit we’d been to before. It’s kinda a hodge-podge of visual exhibits, and kinda cool.

One bit has you coloring in a fish or a UFO or the like and inserting it into a computer; a few seconds later, your drawing is making its way across a big screen with everyone else’s. Kinda cool.

The highlight is the exhibit featuring tens of thousands of LED lights arranged in a sort of maze; they flash and change color and it’s all quite cool.

Bonus: we went to the beach one day. Because of the summertime prevailing winds and currents, in August the southern-facing beaches are just covered in flotsam, jetsam, and other garbage thrown overboard by ships (thanks) or washed away from coastal villages that have no waste management to speak of (thanks to you too). It’s nasty, but this day some volunteers were clearing the beach of the debris. Nyan saw and wanted to help! Quite proud of him. 

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Another Fun Day with Kyle

Kyle is Nyan’s oldest friend in Singapore; they met and instantly clicked at preschool way back in July 2014. It’s always a great time when we get together with Kyle and his family, and one Sunday afternoon in August was no exception. 

There were Pokemon cards:

There was lounging on the couch:

 And there was a lot of indoor basketball, featuring slo-mo slam dunks:


Got it!

Kyle’s got some serious hops too:

Mommy did some reading with younger sister Kara, and Nyan had to take part too:

Here’s some more of Mommy and Kara:

At the end of the night, Kyle’s daddy Bryan drove us home in his convertible.

Bryan showed off the car’s sound system. Nyan dug it.

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Back in the Pool

A quick look at some aquatic fun from August 2020.

Slo-mo spin:

Swimming lessons. Working on his strokes!

Slo-mo leap with a big splash at the end:

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Celebrating Mommy’s Birthday in Style

There was no traveling for Mommy’s birthday in August, so we made do with what we could and booked a night at the Four Seasons hotel. Fancy! Even fancier when they upgraded us to a one-bedroom suite.

Pretty nice! Nyan did what he likes to do at hotels: eat fruit and proclaim he’s a Roman emperor.

The hotel had a small pool up on the roof. We swam, we lounged, we read.

And we just generally chillaxed in the hotel.

Daddy had mentioned Mommy’s birthday to the hotel, so they sent up a huge cart filled with a full tea set — sweets, fruit, drinks, and of course a birthday cake. Very nice!

On one ride down the hotel elevator, Mommy and Our Hero decided to have a quick dance party.

It was so much fun that when we were in another mirrored elevator at a nearby mall for dinner, they did it again!

And back at the hotel…again!

Pretty good dancers, we gotta say!

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