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What We Did in October 2021

Our usual monthly wrap-up of some small moments from the month of October 2021.

Some random photos:

We went to the local sporting good store and tried our hand at basketball dribbling:

One Saturday afternoon, Nyan and Daddy played some games together on the Nintento:

Still working on jumping across that gap outside our local Italian restaurant:

A few more photos:

And finally, a Saturday morning filled with gentle liquid sunshine.

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Celebrating Jayden’s 11th Birthday 

Nyan’s bestie Jayden turned 11 in October, and of course Nyan joined in the celebrations.

There was cake and general goofing around:

There was a visit to local trampoline center Bounce with Jayden and another friend.

Was there a sleepover at the end of the birthday partying? Of course there was.

And there was… I guess we can call it goofy dancing? Or just being goofy? Or Nyan being Nyan? Yeah.

Good times!

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The Artist Currently Known as Nyan

Nyan continues to get better and better at drawing and painting. An update:

He’s been taking an art class on Sunday afternoons. Check this out:

Here he is in various art-making poses:

And here are a LOT of examples of some recent drawings. His creativity continues to amaze his parents, we must say…

And finally, here’s a video of the artist, walking the viewer through an explanation of some of what’s going on in one of his more complex pieces:

We will certainly share more examples of his artwork in the future!

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