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That’s Our Boy

Nyan Thomas can sometimes be rather, shall we say, particular about things. Things must be just so. For instance: we have a hall closet with doors that sort of fold outwards like an accordion. (I’m sure there’s a technical term for it, but I’m at a loss.) It’s an older house so things don’t always work just right, and you have to put a little extra push on the doors of the closet to get them all the way closed. If you don’t, then it sticks out about half an inch – no big deal until our boy sees it. “Close door!” he demands as he shuts it himself.

An even better example of his tendencies is shown in these photos, taken by Grandma early one morning a week or so ago. His trucks, cars, buses etc. all had to be lined up perfectly. And he spends a lot of time making sure that’s the case. He’s very diligent when he puts his mind to something…

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A Stop on the Way Home

Halfway between school and home is the public library. On the way home this evening, Nyan decided he wanted to stop in. Who are we to say no?


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Nyan Thomas, Reader

This morning, we left Nyan alone in his room for a second and when we returned, we found him…. reading Cat in the Hat to himself. Commenting on the pictures, quoting lines from the book (‘Look at me, look at me now!’) which we will assume is based on memory and not from actually reading … Managed to snag this little video, until he figured out that he was on camera. A nice way to start the day.




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A Body at Rest (pics and video)

Ah, sleep. It’s a precious commodity for parents of young kids. We’re pretty lucky, really: Nyan typically sleeps until at least 7am most days. And the last two Saturdays, in fact, he’s slept past 8:30am, which allows all of us to sleep past 8:30. Of course, the past two Sundays, he’s been up at 5am. So it all evens out.

He goes through phases where he’ll wake up in the middle of the night for a night or two before returning to all-night sleeping. And last week, we had one instance where he just would NOT go to sleep at night – he kept getting up and opening the door, trying to go downstairs. It got to the point where Daddy had to lay on the floor of his room, almost restraining him, shushing him, trying to get him to calm down. Eventually he did fall asleep right there on the floor. It was an odd occurrence, and we chalked it up to him just being a two-year-old and testing boundaries. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dinnertime with Nyan

Here’s a couple of videos showing Nyan Thomas hanging out at dinner. First we go through a bowl full of pink grapes and play with some corn. The video comes to an abrupt end when a glass of water is spilled:

Later, Nyan decides it’s time to lay on the floor and read for a bit, before trying to climb back up on his chair. (And yes, he sits in an adult chair at the table most of the time now. Wasn’t our choice, but as long as he sits safely in it – which he does more often than not – we’re cool with it.)


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Nyan Thomas, Shop Keeper

One of Nyan’s favorite things to do is to crawl into his “house” (it looks like a tall chair to some, but it’s actually a house that also serves as a storefront convenience store) and offer ice cream, cake, and other delectables his customers. Here he is, serving ice cream to Grandma and Daddy.


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Adam’s Birthday Party

A few weeks back, Nyan’s pal Adam had his own second birthday, and threw himself a party at a farm-like place south of London.

There were tractors!


And of course pigs, among other animals.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Plus puddles and plenty of room to run around:

Lots of indoor play too, including more tractors.

And lots of snacking with the birthday boy, too:

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Road Trip: Cambridge

Earlier this month, we decided our weekly Sunday family fun activity would be a daytrip to Cambridge. It’s only about an hour north of where we live, and it was a beautiful bright sunny fall day. A bit chilly, and quite windy, but otherwise gorgeous, as you’ll see.

We didn’t do anything special – just wandered around the town, including lunch at a riverside pub.

DSC_1497 DSC_1495

And we visited King’s College Chapel, an absolutely stunning, 500-year-old cathedral. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nyan Thomas’s Big Super-fun Weekend

Oh what a weekend we’ve had. A weekend filled with Grandma, and trucks, and Uncle Iain, and much more. We’ve got one tired little man today! Here are some highlights.

On Thursday, Uncle Iain and Auntie Zuzu were coming down for a visit. We’d mentioned – once – to Nyan that Iain was going to be driving this big-ass American-style pickup truck that Nyan really loves. By the time they picked him up from nursery mid-afternoon, it turned out that he had been telling everyone – his carers and his fellow students – all day long that Uncle Iain was bringing him a truck! So Nyan proudly strutted his stuff to the truck, no doubt casting a look back at his classmates that said ‘See ya, suckas!’

Here he is, in front of our house with Mommy, playing around with the truck: Read the rest of this entry »

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Nyan and Mommy

It’s been a few months since we’ve taken a time-lapse look at Nyan and Mommy through the months. But here we are – from when Nyan was one month old until now, at nearly 28 months. My, my, how our little man has changed. Except for that cheeky look on his face that he had from the moment he was born…


(Click it to make it big)

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