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Just a couple videos of Nyan walking – one on the street in front of our house, the other in the nearby park.

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Nyan Thomas, Party Animal

Mommy’s friend Sharon had a birthday not long ago, so there was a big party at a bar/restaurant in a small village up the road. Nyan put on his Sunday finest and partied ’til the wee hours (or at least ’til 9pm). He managed to find time to pose for the camera, and to try on a pink rabbit-eared tiara thingie that was floating around the party:

(Click any photo to make ’em big)

He also cut a rug on the dance floor while chasing a balloon. That’s how he rolls.

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Nyan Thomas Loves to Swing

Auntie Zuzu and Uncle Iain came by a couple weeks back and took Nyan to the neighborhood playground. Iain put Nyan in the swing and pushed away. And lord did the young man enjoy it. Just watch these two videos. Pure joy!

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Here’s our boy, enjoying a piece of cake. And whining when Mommy moves a glass of water. Because it’s *his* water, don’t you know. And also, he’s two years old.

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A Quiet Friday Morning with a Book

Here’s our lad quietly reading his New York book as Mommy and Daddy go about the morning routine of getting him dressed and ready for school.

Of course, Nyan being Nyan, halfway through he demands to see the picture on the back of the camera. “Look. Loooook!”

And later he explains that he “wants to go to New York in a book.” Which, come to think of it, is exactly what he was doing. Smart kid.

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