Today’s Photos: The Things He Reads

14 Jan

One of the (many) things we’re proud about when it comes to young Nyan Thomas is that he loves books. The main room in our house – Americans would call it a family room; here, it’s known as a reception room – has plenty of toys as well as a shelf full of his books. Nyan loves his toys (his talking zoo is his current fave) but more often than not, he’ll walk or crawl over to the bookshelf and pull out book after book after book, demanding that Mommy or Daddy read to him, or he’ll point to the pictures and demand that we tell him what he’s pointing at. His love for books bodes very well for the future, we believe.

On Sunday, we were all three hanging out in the spare bedroom upstairs, which we’ve turned into an office/craft room/hobby room – it’s got a desktop PC, a dresser full of camera equipment, Mommy’s boxes of yarn and knitting supplies, Daddy’s guitars, etc. And it’s got a few floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, chock full of Mommy and Daddy’s books. Nyan went over to these shelves and pulled a bunch of books down and proceeded to flip through them. Here’s what he was reading – and I swear to whatever deity you believe in that these photos are in no way staged: 


Yes, that’s Nyan reading a bunch of books about the stock market and how to select the best stocks to buy.


And yes, this is our boy boning up on his calculus.

So when he grows up, he might be a mechanical engineer (based on his love for all things mechanical), or a mathematician, or – shudder to think – might work in the finance industry. Or perhaps he’s just planning to be like that baby in that TV commercial where the baby is trading stocks online. Nyan certainly knows how to work the phones, as we’ve seen…

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One response to “Today’s Photos: The Things He Reads

  1. Val McKee

    January 14, 2013 at 3:46 pm

    I was thinking the other day that it might be time for a new E-Trade baby…


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