Today’s Photos: For the Midwesterners

19 Jan

The photos in this post probably won’t mean a whole lot to our readers from England, New York or pretty much anywhere but the Midwestern United States. But no matter, the kid looks good!

Here’s our hero rockin’ his hometown colors:


Okay, Daddy’s hometown colors, but still.

There’s a Big Ten Conference promo ad they used to run on TV in which Kirk Ferentz (that’s the Iowa football coach, for those scratching their heads) says to the camera: “You’d look great in black and gold!” We’re pretty sure he was talking to Nyan.


By the way, among the words we’ve been teaching him lately are “Iowa” and “Hawkeyes.” He’s getting pretty good at both, actually. Hey, the kid needs to know his heritage!

And finally, here’s one from last month. No real reason to include it here, other than I just came across it, and it shows our boy being silly.


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