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To the Zoo with Uncle Oo

In October, Nyan’s Uncle Oo — aka Mommy’s brother Sean — came to Singapore with a friend for about a week, on his way to a wedding in India. His visit coincided with a public holiday, so we were able to have some fun on a weekday. We decided on a trip to the Singapore Zoo, where Nyan hadn’t been in a couple of years.

It turned out that we were visiting on what would prove to be the hottest day of the year (36 degrees Celsius, about 97 Fahrenheit, with the usual equatorial jungle levels of humidity). But no matter: we still had a blast.

We went to a show that featured birds and snakes. At one point Nyan ran up to the front. Not sure why.

Nyan did a lot of animal viewing.

We snacked and ate too.

And check out these various critters, including the gorgeous white tiger, a hungry tapir, and a turtle who looked to be headless (he wasn’t really headless).

A really fun (if hot and sweaty and exhausting) day. We managed to take some other photos with Uncle Oo that week, including a few with Mommy and a goofy little boy.

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United Nations Day at School 

Nyan goes to what’s known here in Singapore as an international school. It basically means it’s a private school that’s intended for kids of ex-pats (as opposed to the local school system, which is quite difficult for ex-pat kids to get into, unfortunately). Among the benefits of an international school:  your kid will certainly make friends from all over the world. The kids in Nyan’s class hail from places including Vietnam, Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, the U.K., the U.S., India, New Zealand, China and many more. It’s a great mix.

To celebrate all that diversity, the school held “UN Day” in mid-October. Everyone wore clothes representing their heritage; Nyan could have chosen the U.S., U.K. or Myanmar. He chose the latter, and wore his Burmese soccer shirt.

Here’s his class, parading around the school grounds

The highlight was a performance of a few songs that Nyan’s class had been practicing. It certainly attracted the attention of photographer-parents.

Here they are, taking the stage:

Here are the songs. A lovely piece about diversity etc. called Under One Sky, which Nyan had been practicing around the house for weeks:

And another one about all the different ways to say Hello in different languages. No mention of “mingalaba,” which of course is “hello” in Burmese, though:

Afterwards, the class posed for a group shot. Nyan had to be a goof, of course.

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Playdate with Adriana and Kyra and Chrysa

Nya got to spend a Sunday afternoon in early October with Adriana, Kyra and Kyra’s sister Chrysa. It started out at Kyra’s house, where there was much running around (perhaps as part of a game of hide and seek):

Then it was off to the National Gallery, an art museum downtown where they had some special exhibits on for kids.  First they hung out on some stairs, listening to a concert:

The museum had lots of interactive activities and fun, color-splashed rooms:

And this exhibit that involved our brave heroes walking on glass across a deep chasm:

Also there was a room that doubled as a jail cell:

All in all, a fun afternoon with some of Nyan’s favorite peeps!

Bonus: later in October we spent a little time at his old school, MMI. Of course we had to pose for silly pictures.

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A Smattering of September Fun

No big deal here, just an assortment of photos and videos from the month of September. Starting with some of the artwork and school work he did that month, including an exercise where he wrote from the point of view of a pencil:

Some random shots:

A motion-sensitive robot he built, plus more pictures:

Goofing around in the school yard before classes one morning, and more picts:

Finally, another awesome robot: an X-wing fighter flying through space.

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Swimming: Better and Better

Remember our last post, where we showed a couple videos of Nyan swimming in the infinity pool atop Marina Bay Sands? It should be obvious from that, that our boy continues to show steady progress when it comes to swimming. Let’s check out some other recent displays of his aquabilities:

Working on his strokes:

More working on his stroke, followed by some silliness:

Okay, so he still has some work to do on his form etc. But so much better than he used to be, so we’re quite proud:

At the end of a hard lesson, it’s always fun to get tossed:

On weekends, we don’t have swimming lessons. Instead, we get to play – sometimes with a toy boat, sometimes just practicing our leaping and jumping.

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Staycation: Marina Bay Sands! 

Anyone who knows Singapore knows that Marina Bay Sands is this fancy hotel complex on the edge of downtown. Three 55-story towers, topped with a long structure thats home to bars, restaurants and the world’s most photogenic infinity pool. The place ain’t cheap, but we decided a while back that, at some point while we live in Singapore, we would splurge on a one-night stay at the hotel.


That point came in late September. We’d wanted a quick escape somewhere, but schedules didn’t allow; so a staycation it was! The fact that it was Daddy’s birthday was just icing on the cake. Anyway, one Saturday afternoon we checked in.

Let’s take a look at the property itself – the room, and the giant casino, which Daddy poked his head into later that night (nope, he didn’t gamble a penny).

Plus here’s an excited six year old doing “The Marina Bay Sands Dance” soon after arrival.

Our room was on the 47th floor. The “Sky Park” — home to an observation deck, the pool, some hot tubs and a few bars and restaurants — is on the 57th. Either way, in whatever direction we looked, whatever time of day we looked, we were guaranteed some spectacular views. Here:

What about the pool, you say? Why yes, we did spend a good amount of time in the pool:

Nyan, especially, loved it. Check out his skills!

In the evening, we had a delicious meal at a restaurant in the fancy shopping mall that’s attached to the hotel, and then went out along the waterfront to catch the nightly light/laser/water fountain show. It’s on every night at 8, and while it’s a bit over the top, perhaps, we loved it.

Nyan was captivated:

Near the end, they released a bunch of bubbles. Kids – and Mommy – did their best to catch them:

The main point of our staycation was, of course, family time. Mission accomplished. We even managed to take a few photos with the boy!

To be honest, we were a little dubious of the hotel going in. Could it really be worth the cost? Could it really live up to the hype? But, as it turned out, it was great. We really enjoyed it, the staffers were friendly, the facilities were great. We just may have to have another staycation there someday.

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Nyan Thomas, Reader

Did you know that our boy loves to read? Yeah, of course you do. Check him out in various reading poses during the month of September:

His new school doesn’t give much homework, but one thing they do demand is that the students read out loud for 10 to 15 minutes every night, and that the parents listen in, record in a logbook what the student is reading, and of course help out with any tough words or whatnot. Nyan obviously took to this assignment like a fish to water. Here are a few videos of the boy showing off his reading chops.

Not bad at all. And he’s only gotten better since then.

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