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Summer Camp Time

The school year ended in mid-June, but Mommy and Daddy still had to work. Trying to work with Nyan around isn’t really all that conducive to actually, you know, getting anything done. So what to do? Send him to camp!

Nyan’s too young for any sort of overnight camp (if such a thing even exists in Singapore), but there are lots and lots and LOTS of day camps available, covering everything from language to sports to cooking to technology to flying airplanes (no, really. But only for older kids). So in between various travels, we signed Nyan up for a bunch of week-long all-day camps on topics including Mandarin, science, computer coding and math. The camps were a combination of fun and learning, which is perfect for our boy, who loves learning but is still a little boy who loves to have fun.

First up was a week of Mandarin at the mall down the road, to brush up on his Chinese. We think it was a success; he definitely had fun. Here’s Nyan and some of his camp-mates, burning off steam outside the learning center after a day of instruction.

To celebrate a job well done, on a couple days Daddy took Nyan to an indoor toy/play space in the same mall to play for a while. Nyan loved it.

Walking to the play place:

Playing with cars and trains:

Another day, we visited a trampoline-play place they had set up temporarily in the lobby of the mall. Nyan was joined by a couple of classmates. 

Nyan was especially fond of his camp-mate Isabel, a girl a year younger, to the point where they insisted on a playdate the weekend after camp. Here they are, at camp and at play (including feeding Isabel’s baby sister):

He also spent time at a place called Camp Asia, which offered the rest of the courses.  It was at a school campus a few miles from home, and each morning they sent a big bus to collect Nyan and dozens of other kids from around the neighborhood. Each afternoon, the same bus dropped them off. 

His first week at Camp Asia was Science Camp. Jayden was in the same class, and the two young scientists learned about magnets, chemistry, astronomy and more. Here’s the activity book Nyan brought home after a day of learning about physics.

Finally: We were a little worried that he might not be that into Mandarin camp. That wasn’t the case, as you can see from all the fun he was having at the end of the day. But he was also in a very cheery mood on his way there, bright and early each morning. Check it:

More on Camp Asia in a future post…

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Happy Birthday, Adriana! 

Sadly, we don’t get to see much of Adriana or other old classmates these days, now that the MMI kids have all scattered to different schools. That’s why we were extra excited to hear that Adriana was getting a few of her old friends back together for an afternoon to celebrate turning 7 years old — at a trampoline park, no less! Nyan was there with proverbial bells on.

Besides Nyan and Adriana, attendees included Kyra, Abi, Valentina and Ning Ning, plus various younger siblings and parents. Here are some of the old gang:

There were cake and snacks, of course.

But the real draw was the bouncing. Look at how patiently they lined up, waiting their turn:


Turns out that our boy is a natural on the trampoline.

Besides trampolines, there were spring-y bounce-y slide-y climbing wall thingies:

Finally, check out the brave birthday girl, doing a special thing where they basically, I guess, throw her off a ledge.

She was the only one who was allowed to do that one, which is probably for the best — Nyan is a lot more brave and risk-taking than he used to be, but we don’t think he’s quite ready for that one just yet.

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Party at Nyan’s Place

At the start of the year, the parents of a bunch of Nyan’s classmates decided that it’d be nice to get the kids together just before the new school year started. Our apartment complex has a nice function room, so we reserved it and hosted. And what a fun, casual afternoon it was.

There was lots of running around, often with Adriana in the lead:

Lots of general fun as well:

Of course everyone made it into the pool for a while:

And there was more running and playgrounding:

There were also some more mellow times, when the kids were hanging out on the chairs, chit-chatting and eating ice cream.

A great start to 2017 and the K2 school year (the last year all these great friends will be at the same school, but we’re trying not to think about that just yet!)


Bonus: Afterwards, Ming Xuan came upstairs so she and Nyan could play Legos for a while.

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Fun Times at the Playground

Long-time readers know that our apartment complex in Singapore is pretty great for a kid. There are three swimming pools, playground equipment, tennis courts, and a decent amount of open space to run around, be imaginative, play with friends, and just generally be a kid. Let’s take a look at some recent activities around the place.

Hopscotch and the playground equipment with some neighbor friends:

Goofing around with Jayden:

Scooting around the pool:

In the pool itself:

One day, Nyan’s friend Justin brought down a new toy drone. Nyan and several other boys commandeered the tennis courts to try it out.

Riding his bike, while wearing a goofy looking mask:


Finally, sometimes Nyan likes to check out the gym. We never go in if anyone is in there exercising, because we don’t want to be a pest. But when we do get inside, Nyan has a blast, being his curious self.

It’s fair to say that our lifestyle in Singapore has spoiled us in a lot of ways. Having all these fun amenities is a major part of that spoilage.

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The Model Train

Nyan and Grandpa have always bonded over their mutual love of model trains. On our visit to Grandpa’s place this September, though, they took it to the next level: Grandpa cleared out a large space in the garage and set up a big table devoted to a model train layout. The two of them spent hours out there, every single day, adding to it and racing the trains around the track.

It was pretty impressive:

Here’s the young engineer himself at work:

They eventually ran out of room and so had to add another table. That necessitated some fresh painting too.

Nyan got so into it, in fact, that even when he wasn’t out in the garage, he was still playing trains: he’d take extra track and build his own little layout inside Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

He’s already got big plans for how to build the train layout next time he visits Iowa. We can only hope Grandma and Grandpa are ready – and have enough room!


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Nyan Thomas vs the Red Balloon

In which our hero finds a red balloon at the playground and proceeds to try to toss it and catch it.

As we can see in this video, he’s more interested in looking at the other kids than in keeping his eye on the balloon. But he comes up with a great excuse as to why it keeps getting away from him…

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What Nyan’s Been Up To

Just clearing the decks of a handful of recent videos, showing our boy at his finest and his silliest.

Here’s Nyan being a ‘baby crab.’ Which seems to mostly mean rolling around on his back and making odd noises.


Playing with his cars at home. And being silly when he realizes Daddy’s got the camera trained on him.


Just jumping.


Just silly. Trying out his vocal range.


When Nyan rides a double-decker bus, he likes to sit up top. And he has to be in one of the very front seats, so he can drive the bus. Like here.


Speaking of cars and driving, here he is, driving a coin-operated car at a nearby mall.


Last but surely not least, another from our series of Nyan playing with his silly-but-sweet friend from the next apartment tower over, Daniel.

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Nyan Thomas, Lego Master

Our boy, like most kids, loves Legos. And Daddy, of course, loves to take videos of our boy. Put them together and we’ve got a trio of recent weeks showing Lego-playining best. First up, the artist builds an airplane that’s great until it crashes:

Next, relaxing after a long day at school by taking off the shorts and building a Lego model of Mommy’s building:

And finally, here we are with another loud airplane. And a special surprise at the end…


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Fun, Fun, Fun

Nyan’s late afternoon/early evening usually goes like this: Daddy shows up at school. Nyan doesn’t want to leave because he’s having too much fun (he never remembers this in the mornings when he whines about how he doesn’t like to go to school, of course…but we digress). Finally Daddy gets him to go, and they head for way home, perhaps with some detours along the way as Nyan wants to check out a store, or a digger, or a bird, or anything else that catches his fancy. Eventually they make it to our apartment complex, with its swimming pool and playground and lots of kids about his age. Daddy usually brings Nyan’s swimsuit so if he wants to play in the water, he can. Regardless, though, there’s a good hour or so of playing, until around 7pm when dusk falls quickly and it’s time to go up to the apartment for supper.

Here, some videos of recent after-school fun. First up, playing with pal Daniel in the pool. As Nyan puts it: “I’m a shark! I’m coming to eat you!”


Here he is, showing off some new die-cast cars that come with this spring-loaded launching thing:


Turning on the water fountain, doing a rain dance, and helping make sure the water flows properly into the drain:


Finally, here he is with his friends Danny Boy and Aiden, Danny Boy’s brother. Running, swinging a toy golf club, screeching.

(Notice all the running? We strongly encourage that after school – part of our plan to tire the lad out so he’ll go to sleep more easily at bedtime. It doesn’t work, but we keep trying.)


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Saturday Morning Yoga

Our boy likes to do yoga with Mommy. Except for when he gets distracted and wants to play-eat the corn or noodles he finds on the floor.

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