What Nyan’s Been Up To

21 Jan

Just clearing the decks of a handful of recent videos, showing our boy at his finest and his silliest.

Here’s Nyan being a ‘baby crab.’ Which seems to mostly mean rolling around on his back and making odd noises.


Playing with his cars at home. And being silly when he realizes Daddy’s got the camera trained on him.


Just jumping.


Just silly. Trying out his vocal range.


When Nyan rides a double-decker bus, he likes to sit up top. And he has to be in one of the very front seats, so he can drive the bus. Like here.


Speaking of cars and driving, here he is, driving a coin-operated car at a nearby mall.


Last but surely not least, another from our series of Nyan playing with his silly-but-sweet friend from the next apartment tower over, Daniel.

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