More Fun in February

Some random pics and videos from February 2022. (Yes, yes, we know we are many, many months behind schedule. Apologies. Life has been eventful. –ed.)

We managed to get a taekwondo video for the first time in a while. (Yeah, it’s not a very good video. Sorry about that.)

More photos:

He really enjoyed using the leash-thing during his weekly swimming lessons

And finally, one last group of pictures:

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Nyan Visits a Dog Café

What more is there to say? It’s a “café,” sort of, full of dogs that you can play with. Our hero was in canine heaven.

His favorite was perhaps Waffles, the corgi:

Or maybe it was this mellow little fella:

Or this spaniel:

That last pic shows Nyan giving the spaniel some treats. Yep, you can buy little bags of food to feed the little guys. So we did:

That dog was obviously tired and recovering from an injury. Waffles was far more energetic and aggressive when it came to treats:

A nice way to spend an hour-plus on a weekend afternoon.

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More Fun with Friends

Some random fun times with two of Nyan’s besties in February 2022.

Guinea pigs with Jayden:

Goofing around at various restaurants:

Hanging outside on a windy day:

Of course, it’s not Nyan and Jayden without some screen time:

Fresh air, too:

A pool party and picnic with Nadia and some others:

And finally, strolling down the street with Nadia. Nadia is the taller one.

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Nyan Takes to the High Seas

Well, not exactly the high seas. But a local bank offers free sailing sessions in Marina Bay, in downtown Singapore. It’s tough to get a slot as it’s very popular, and the program was halted for quite a while during Covid. But once they re-started the program, Daddy quickly scored some seats. He and Nyan kept it a surprise from Mommy, who loves to sail. Here are Mommy and Nyan just before the event:

Here we are, getting ready, and then boarding the dinghy that took us out to the sailboats.

We think the boats they use are known as SM40’s, if that means anything to you, dear reader. Whatever: it was pretty great! Check out all these pics.

Nyan helped out with pulling the lines and whatnot (can you tell your correspondent doesn’t know much about sailing?)

Some great views from the boat and the dinghy, too. Singapore sure is a photogenic place:

The whole thing lasted about 45 minutes. Highly recommended!

Afterwards, we took a casual family stroll around downtown, walking down some picturesque streets and ending up in Chinatown.

We posed for a few pictures too.

A really great weekend afternoon outside! 

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Covid Vaccine and other January fun

(Editor’s note: yes we remain months behind in posting these! Sorry. Life gets in the way…)

We were happy to sign Nyan up for his Covid vaccine as soon as he became available. He was nervous but put on a brave face. 

On the walk home we spotted a prize: his favorite car, a Rolls-Royce!

He had few side effects other than a slightly sore arm. Here he is the next day:

And some Covid-related art he drew:

What else did he get up to in January 2022? Let’s take a look. Some random photos:

He went to a movie one day with Nadia and a few other classmates.

And a few more random photos:

Not a bad month, all in all! 

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Hungry Birds

Long-time readers will recall we’ve had a few olive-backed sunbirds build a nest outside our apartment. Early in the new year, we noticed a new nest going in, in a small shrubby tree that sits in a secluded corner of our balcony. After some research, we determined it was the nest of a  yellow-vented bulbul. 

We did our best to keep a serene environment, being very quiet and cautious when we opened the balcony door and closing the curtains at night so the interior light didn’t disturb. We also snapped a few pics through the window. Momma bird, resting on her eggs, didn’t look too pleased.

Before long…they hatched! We had two baby bulbuls. And they were hungry! And not shy about it either:

Mommy Bird took good care of them, and we took lots of video of her taking care of them:

We watched them get bigger and bigger over the span of just a couple weeks:

They really did grow up fast and we knew they’d be leaving soon:

And sure enough, without warning, a few days later… it was over: the nest was empty. The babies were gone. The bulbuls never came back.

Such is life! We enjoyed it while it lasted though.

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The Return of the Light Festival

Singapore used to have an annual “light festival” downtown every year – basically a chance for artists to display some public light-based sculpture. We made a habit of going – see here – and it was always a pleasant evening out.

Of course, Covid put a quick end to that tradition. But in early 2022, even though we still had to wear masks indoors and out, the festival made a comeback. One Friday evening we renewed our tradition.  It was smaller than in years past but still quite nice.

The main thing was a series of lights projected onto the façade of one of the museums downtown. Kinda cool:

Nyan enjoyed it:

That museum, by the way, is the National Gallery, and it was open for touring, so we checked out some of the exhibits.

Afterwards we strolled along the river. In years past there’s been plenty of exhibits along here; this year, none at all. But it was still nicely lit, a pleasant stroll and a great way to end the evening.

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The Great Outdoors

January in Singapore means winter – but that doesn’t mean snow and ice. Instead it means slightly cooler temps (very slightly, but noticeably) and, often, a refreshing breeze out of the north. It’s certainly almost always the nicest month weather wise, and we took advantage of January 2022 with a good amount of time outside.

That included, of course, the swimming pool. There was plenty of slow-motion jumping into the water:

And flips too:

Our hero also continued to work on his diving, with the help of his swimming instructor Pang:

We also went for bike rides along the coast. I mean, just look at that:


Just lovely.

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A Day at the National Museum

During a day off from school in early January, Daddy decided it would be a day of culture and walking around. So we headed to the National Museum of Singapore, which is all about the history, culture and art of Singapore. Pretty cool place!

There’s a big exhibit about life during WWII, when Japan occupied the country. Nyan was especially captivated by the tanks.

He goofed around a bit with some mirrors:

And he spun around in the soaring rotunda at the entrance:

Afterwards we took an early evening stroll around nearby Fort Canning Park. A really peaceful green space.

There’s a cool feature at the park where a spiral staircase leads you down through a steep slope. It makes for great photos!

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Lots of Random Year-End Fun

As you’ve seen, we got up to a lot of fun in December 2021. But there were plenty more little moments worthy of a quick photo or video. Let’s take a quick look at some of them. First, some photos (yes, some of the pics in this post are too small – sorry. Just zoom in!)

A video from one of his weekly swimming lessons:

More photos:

Another video. The story here: Nyan had seen a glass wine decanter on a visit to a shop some weeks back and decided he wanted one. Just ‘cause. We said no. Then, over dinner at Kyle’s house, he saw the adults using a wine decanter which reminded him that he wanted one, and he loudly said so. It turned out that Bryan and Sara had an extra one they never used. Long story short, that evening Nyan became the very proud owner of his own wine decanter.

He used it to decant apple juice.

And finally, one last set of pics to play the year out.

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