Dinner and Games with Kyle

One evening in early December, we met Bryan, Sara, Kyle and Kara at a local shopping mall for an evening of fun. We started off with a sprawling dinner at a nice Japanese restaurant. The kids posed for pictures, being adequately goofy.

Afterwards we strolled around the mall and ended up at games arcade. Lots of fun was had; even Mommy got into it!

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A Night at the Aquarium and Other Fun  


In early December, Nyan’s school class had a sleepover at the local aquarium! Here’s Nyan on his way to the event, with his overnight bag:


And some shots from the aquarium itself. There was lots of fun and lots of learning, and not very much sleep:

Here he is getting off the bus the next morning (with his pal Slothie!) and posing with his pal Arav.

Speaking of Arav: he had a birthday party in December as well. Some pictures of the two boys at the party:

Also in late December, Phwa Phwa came to visit! We’ll see much more of her in coming months, but here’s a sampling from December. With Mommy too.

And finally, we had a school performance in December. Nyan dressed up and joined his classmate for a performance playing the “melodica.” Here’s a picture and a video — you can sorta make out Nyan in the second row, just to the right of the middle, behind Arav on the guitar.


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A Look Back at November 2019

What else did Nyan get up to in November 2019? Let’s look.

First, some random photos:

A video of Nyan being goofy. No, we mean *really* goofy:

More pics:

More goofiness, this time outside his taekwondo studio after class one night:

Here are a couple videos from the newish Italian resturant down the street, where the staff treat Nyan like their own child (and where Nyan treats the place like his second home!). He’s also very friendly with the chef’s wife, always chatting with her and sometimes giving her massages and whatnot.

And finally, more playtime after taekwondo class.

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One Magical, Monster-y Night

Sometimes the best evenings are the ones you don’t quite expect. That was a lesson our boy learned one late November evening.

To set the scene: he had been very much looking forward to a return visit to Monster Jam — the monster truck exhibition we had attended a couple years ago. (See our coverage of it here.) There was plenty of marketing, including giant print ads at bus stops, for the show, which was set for early December, a week or so from this particular evening.


So this one weekday evening in November, we decided on a quick visit to the beach for some digging in the sand at dusk. Always a fun time:

After dinner at a waterfront restaurant, we took a stroll home. Our route happened to take us by the Roxy Square hotel, a popular and good-sized mid-priced hotel in our neighborhood. And lo and behold, what was parked outside the hotel to drum up interest in Monster Jam?

Nyan’s favorite Monster Jam truck — Megalodon!

He was over the moon. It was a dream come true — the answer to his prayers, he said later (he clarified that, were he the praying type, this is exactly what he would have prayed for).

Okay, this wasn’t that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, but it made our boy very happy. What’s not to lover about that?

Stay tuned for more about Monster Jam itself in an upcoming post…

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Advancing in Taekwondo Again

Nyan goes to taekwondo class every Thursday evening. Every three months or so, they run a “grading” exercise where everyone shows off what they’ve learned and, if they do it well, they advance to the next level of training and get a new belt. 

The grading is on a Sunday morning in an old shopping mall, and usually attracts hundreds of kids, grouped by the dozens. We show up, Nyan gets his gear on, and the kids wait for the call to go in and do their routines, waiting outside the grading classroom, across an interior courtyard area from where the parents wait. The kids practice their moves and goof around a bit, as Daddy takes photos and videos from across the way.

Those pics and video are from the November 2019 grading exercise. A couple weeks later, we got the call from the studio: he passed! He gets a new belt! The new belt comes at a brief ceremony before his weekly class.

And here he is with all his classmates, in his new belt.

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Nyan’s Schoolmate Helena

Nyan’s a sociable creature, and he has good male friends and good female friends. Let’s take another look at one of the latter, Helena.

Helena, or Ellie, is a couple years younger and lives in the same apartment tower as us. (You’ve seen her in these pages before.) She also goes to the same school and rides the same bus to and fro as Nyan. So they spend a fair amount of time together, and are always goofing around and playing. 

Here they are one afternoon, walking back toward the apartment after getting off the bus home:

Helena has a younger sister, Isabella or Izzy, who’s about 18 months. She’s a sweet kid, and Nyan treats her well, like an older brother. The goal is usually to get Izzy to give him a high five, which she usually does. Though sometimes, as you can see, he’ll do something like help her get her shoes back on or whatnot.

Finally, some more pics from various mornings while waiting for the bus. Both Nyan and Helena are into Pokemon cards, so they are often showing each other their collections.

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Happy Birthday to Jayden!

Nyan’s bestie Jayden turned 9 years old in October. To celebrate, he hosted a bunch of friends at this treehouse obstacle course in a park not far from here in November. The kids would put on safety gear including helmets and harnesses, link in to the wire system that would keep them from falling, and do various climbing and ziplining activities at a range of heights.

Here’s Nyan getting geared up, and a shot of some of the climbing structures from the ground.

The boys are set to go! Nyan’s a little nervous at this point and needs a little encouragement but he perseveres.

And here we go…

The first stages were fairly easy and very low to the ground.

But they very quickly got quite high.

They got harder and harder, and kinda scary, but our boy did it!

Some still photos from the action:

After a sweaty morning of climbing and whatnot, it was time for food and drink

And goofing around with the other boys.

Nyan and Jayden had an afternoon playdate after the party, so there was plenty more goofing.

A really fun day! The duo got together several other times over the course of the month; here’s a bit of what they got up to.



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The Month that Was: October 2019

What else did Nyan get up to in October 2019? Let’s take a look.

Video game programming!

Check out those dance moves:

Nyan joined the eco-club at school, and they did a presentation on how their fellow students could be more eco-conscious:

Working on his strokes: 

A friend had a book after taekwondo, and Nyan insisted on a quick reading session:

Grandma sent Nyan some Pokemon cards. Was he excited? He was.



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Another Trip to the Swim Club with Kyle

One October evening, we headed to the Singapore Swimming Club with Kyle and his family. We’ve been there several times before, of course, and it’s always great fun. It’s rare that we actually swim there, but there’s a playground, bowling, pool, restaurants, fish-feeding, video games… lots of fun!

Goofing around with a toy:

Feeding the fish:

Being silly:

And just enjoying life! (and some screen time)

Finally, the club and the pool by night…


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Most of the schools across Singapore were closed for a week or two in October 2019 — fall break — so there were plenty of day camps available to keep the kids occupied. We sent Nyan to one that was all about parkour — the urban sport where you basically run around and use city objects as part of a self-made obstacle course. He had a blast, and at the end of the week, parents were invited in to see a demonstration.

Not bad, eh? Here he is getting a certificate showing that he completed this particular level of parkour skills.

After that, they let the kids bounce and run around for a while. 

Not a bad way to spend a week!

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