Miscellaneous Mayhem in March 2021

Just some random shots from the month of March 2021.

A couple of drawings he made during the month:

More pictures:

School pictures! 

And one last batch of photos:

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Lots of Fun with Friends

Let’s check in on our hero and his various friends, and the antics they get up to. 

It’s always fun with Jayden (and with Johnnie too):

Nyan and Haowei, playing games:

Goofing around in the mornings, waiting for the school bus, with Helena and Izzie:

And sometimes just playing with Izzie:

And finally, goofing around (again) with Jayden and Jonnie:

And finally finally, two of Nyan’s best-of-all friends: Slothie and Slothington the Second!

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A Visit to River Safari

River Safari is this sort of zoo-aquarium hybrid. It’s mostly outdoors, a smallish animal park with displays of the animals that live in some of the world’s great rivers. It’s right next to the Singapore Zoo, and it’s fairly compact and makes for a nice three-hour visit. One day during Nyan’s spring break in March, we grabbed Nyan’s friend Edris and headed out. 

There was lots to see – and yes, there are exhibits that include birds and monkeys (which technically live alongside some of these great rivers, I guess that’s why they are included?)

Did Nyan and Edris enjoy themselve? They did! Check out the excitement in these pics:

One of the main attractions of River Safari is the Panda House, which is home to two Great Pandas. (As far as we can tell, there is zero connection to any river here — we imagine that China offered Singapore a coupe of pandas for the Singapore Zoo, which would be the natural place for them; probably some internal politics among the local wildlife conservation scene led to the pandas going next door to River Safari instead. But anyway…)  

The boys were excited:

We had some great views of the big fellas:

The pandas themselves were either napping or chewing on giant piles of bamboo. Living the panda life, basically.

(Added in August 2021: It was just announced that, back in about April of this year, these two lovebirds, er, love pandas became in a family way, and gave birth to a bouncing baby panda in August! How cool is that!)

Back to River Safari. There’s also a brief boat ride that took you through the Amazon river.

And of course a stop for lunch.

It was a really fun day!

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In the water!

We spent a lot of time in the pool in March 2021. Let’s take a look.

Nyan’s been working on learning to dive:

He’s getting better!

Nyan likes to start off his weekly swimming lesson by tossing a pool float into the water and then jumping in after it:

Wanna see Nyan do a cannonball in slow motion?

More diving. Some better than others. But he’s improving, and that’s what counts:

We try to get him to run a lap or two after his swimming lesson, just for good measure. Check out his form in slow motion:

And running up close, still slow-mo:

And finally: a relaxing time in the pool with good pal Nadia, viewed from 20 stories up.

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Miscellaneous Pics from February 2021

Just what the title says. With a coupe of random videos too.

A school presentation on his favorite animal:

(couldn’t download from the school, so had to take a video of the video – apologies for the lousy quality!

More pictures:

Trying to jump across a shallow chasm outside a restaurant:

And finally, a last batch of pics from the month.

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Jayden, Nadia, and More

Here’s our latest look at our boy with some of his best pals.

Playdate and swimming at Nadia’s with some other pals, including former schoolmate (and good friend) Bella:

Doing a “magic trick” with Jayden:

Jonnie’s birthday party, complete with time on the swing:

Solving a Rubik’s cube with Jayden:

Walking home from school with Ellie:

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Nyan Embraces his Artistic Side

Nyan’s really been embracing his artistic side lately, in terms of both visual arts and music. 

He had some time off from school in February, so Mommy took him to a local art studio for some classes. They did some pottery, which Nyan really enjoyed:

He did some drawing too. Usually he likes to draw fantastical cartoon fantasy worlds, but he’s also got a great eye for still lifes:

He also took up piano at the start of the year, as you saw. Here’s Daddy helping him with some finger drills:

And in his lesson at the piano school:

His drawing and piano playing has only gotten better since!

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Connecting with Nature

As you’ve seen, we like to stroll down to the coast (about a 10 or 15 minute walk) and play in the sand and just soak in the fresh sea air. Here’s one of our visits from February 2021.

We did some sand drawing. Daddy helped – he’s not quite the artist that Nyan is. Oh well.

We like to connect with nature even at home. Our balcony is filled with plants, one of which is pineapple plant we grew from a fruit we bought at the grocery store. Every once in a while it bears fruit!

Also, remember last year when some birds build a nest outside Nyan’s bedroom window and a baby bird hatched? (Read about it here) Those birds still visit our balcony (and in fact built a fresh nest this spring). One day in February, one of the bird visitors looked an awful lot like the little fella who hatched. Can’t say for sure but we choose to believe it was our little guy, back to say hello!

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Good Times in January ‘21

Some random moments from January 2021:

In January we built a Lego pirate ship. Here’s Nyan showing off the work-in-progress:

Goofball spinning around on the ground. Breakdancing?

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Of Forts, Friends and Feathered Friends

Nyan spent some time in January building a couch fort. It became a favorite place to chillax and read (or play video games):

We spent a lot of time with pals in January, as usual. There was a playdate with Oscar, Noe and Edris:

Fun times with Haowie:

And of course, sleepovers and other fun with Jayden:

And we went on many bike rides along the coast. On one of them we came across a pair of hornbills up a tree. Very cool!

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