The Model Train

01 Nov

Nyan and Grandpa have always bonded over their mutual love of model trains. On our visit to Grandpa’s place this September, though, they took it to the next level: Grandpa cleared out a large space in the garage and set up a big table devoted to a model train layout. The two of them spent hours out there, every single day, adding to it and racing the trains around the track.

It was pretty impressive:

Here’s the young engineer himself at work:

They eventually ran out of room and so had to add another table. That necessitated some fresh painting too.

Nyan got so into it, in fact, that even when he wasn’t out in the garage, he was still playing trains: he’d take extra track and build his own little layout inside Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

He’s already got big plans for how to build the train layout next time he visits Iowa. We can only hope Grandma and Grandpa are ready – and have enough room!


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