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Nyan Thomas Loves to Swing

Auntie Zuzu and Uncle Iain came by a couple weeks back and took Nyan to the neighborhood playground. Iain put Nyan in the swing and pushed away. And lord did the young man enjoy it. Just watch these two videos. Pure joy!

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What We Do When It’s Time for a Bath

Every evening it’s the same routine: as 7:30 approaches, Daddy tells Nyan it’s time for a bath. Nyan responds by doing whatever he can to keep from going upstairs for a bath. Sometimes he’ll start eating more food, once in a while he throws a fit, but most often it’s something like we see right here: he just ignores us, and goes on being his usual adorable self.

Of course we indulge him a bit, because why not – but only for a few minutes. And he’ll respond by saying “Play Daddy!” which means “Come to the front room with all the toys and let’s be silly for a bit rather than take a bath.” But before long, Daddy will grab the young man, pick him up, tell him stories to distract him from the brewing mini-tantrum, and it’s off to the bath – where, it should be noted, the young man has a blast.

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Building Trucks, Chasing Mommy

Last Sunday was a dreary, rainy, chilly day here in London, so we spent much of it inside, keeping Nyan from going too stir crazy. We did a pretty good job at it too, if we do say so ourselves.

Check out Nyan Thomas, master builder, as he constructs a truck (?) out of blocks. He’s so excited at his work! And then he’s actually able to sit still for a couple of minutes as he concentrates on building yet more trucks.

But of course the kid also loves/needs to run around. Mommy was happy to oblige.


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Nyan Thomas and the Birds

Here we have our hero, helpfully cleaning up a huge pile of birdseed that somehow made its way to the floor of the back patio. How did it get there in the first place? ‘Tis a mystery, surely.

And for some bonus fun, here’s our boy from back in June, just being silly and having some fun.


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Today’s Videos: Random Play

A trio of recent videos of our young man at play. First up, Nyan Thomas, Master Builder. Note how he sings to himself as he builds; note the concentration; note the glee with which he knocks it all down.

Playing in the front room, including trying out the scooter that he got for his birthday:

And finally, being silly with Daddy, and stopping Daddy from playing the piano, and babbling at Daddy:

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Nyan Thomas, Transvestite Farmer

Our boy is definitely a boy’s boy. Without any prompting from us or anyone, he fell in love with every truck, fire engine, airplane, car, tractor, or noisy mechanical thing you can think of. He loves to be loud, he loves horseplay, he loves to make a mess. He’s a boy.


He also likes to wear dresses.

We’re of course okay with that. It’s just costume dresses that he puts on at school some days, and refuses to take off when it’s time to go home. Fair enough; if it makes him happy, he can wear a dress home. The only possible downside, far as we’re concerned, is that someday we’ll be able to embarrass him with photos and videos of him wearing a dress.

Like here. The other day, he wanted to play with his toy tractor and truck out in the backyard. While still wearing his dress. We present this without comment or judgment; just enjoy our boy being, um, a boy.

Please note that at the end of this video, when he pushes the trailer and it slides out from under him and he splats on the ground… he was not harmed whatsoever. The video ends abruptly ’cause Daddy wanted to make sure Nyan was fine. And he was. I guess maybe the dress padded his fall?







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Today’s Videos: at the Playground

One of the nice things about our new home is that the walk to and from school takes us right through a nice leafy park. And it’s got a great playground area, where Nyan gets to visit on many days on his way home. Here are a couple of videos Mommy took on a recent visit.

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Birthday Party! (plus bonus video)

Nyan’s buddy James, a.k.a Pickle, had a birthday today, and a birthday party as well at his house just down the road. They brought in Jo Jingles, which is a woman who comes to the nursery (daycare) once a week and leads them in a bunch of songs. Here’s our hero, doing a song called Head Shoulders Knees and Toes:

Yeah, he was having a bad hair day today…

And here he is, just being extra-exuberant. The boy loves balloons:

Plus a bonus video, from earlier this morning. Just Nyan being Nyan. Dancing and so forth.

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Fun Times in the Summer

Here’s a treat: a mass dump of lots of recent photos of the young man, having fun. Mostly from when Grandma and Grandpa were here a few weeks ago. Check him out as he does the robot, draws chalk on the sidewalk, hangs out at the playground, lazes about shirtless in the heat, and generally just enjoys life. Not a bad way to live, eh? (Click any photo to enlarge/start a slideshow)

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Nyan the Builder

More from our trip to Iowa, now almost two months ago: Mommy and Grandma went shopping one day, with Nyan, and came across a big Bob the Builder ride – one of those deals where you drop in a few coins and it rumbles and shakes and blares music for a few minutes. Did Nyan love it? He did.

(It’s not that he’s into Bob the Builder – he’s not really into any of those mass-commercialized characters, be it Disney or Nickelodeon or wherever Bob the Builder comes from; that’s very much by design. But the young man is very much into tractors, trucks, loud noises and the like. As we’ve said before: he’s definitely a little boy.)

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