What We Do When It’s Time for a Bath

31 Oct

Every evening it’s the same routine: as 7:30 approaches, Daddy tells Nyan it’s time for a bath. Nyan responds by doing whatever he can to keep from going upstairs for a bath. Sometimes he’ll start eating more food, once in a while he throws a fit, but most often it’s something like we see right here: he just ignores us, and goes on being his usual adorable self.

Of course we indulge him a bit, because why not – but only for a few minutes. And he’ll respond by saying “Play Daddy!” which means “Come to the front room with all the toys and let’s be silly for a bit rather than take a bath.” But before long, Daddy will grab the young man, pick him up, tell him stories to distract him from the brewing mini-tantrum, and it’s off to the bath – where, it should be noted, the young man has a blast.

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