Fun Times at the Playground

07 Dec

Long-time readers know that our apartment complex in Singapore is pretty great for a kid. There are three swimming pools, playground equipment, tennis courts, and a decent amount of open space to run around, be imaginative, play with friends, and just generally be a kid. Let’s take a look at some recent activities around the place.

Hopscotch and the playground equipment with some neighbor friends:

Goofing around with Jayden:

Scooting around the pool:

In the pool itself:

One day, Nyan’s friend Justin brought down a new toy drone. Nyan and several other boys commandeered the tennis courts to try it out.

Riding his bike, while wearing a goofy looking mask:


Finally, sometimes Nyan likes to check out the gym. We never go in if anyone is in there exercising, because we don’t want to be a pest. But when we do get inside, Nyan has a blast, being his curious self.

It’s fair to say that our lifestyle in Singapore has spoiled us in a lot of ways. Having all these fun amenities is a major part of that spoilage.

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