A Whole Lot of Tae Kwon Do

03 Dec

Nyan’s been doing tae kwon do for a few months now. Daddy usually sits outside the studio during his lessons, sneaking peeks in through the partially frosted glass door and taking pictures and videos. (Daddy tries not to be distracting, but Nyan often notices and waves. Oops.)

Point is, we have a *lot* of photos and, especially, videos of Nyan doing tae kwon do. Shall we look at a few? Or a lot? Okay. Let’s. These are from October and November.

Here we are, walking up the stairs to the lesson and then lining up with his classmates

It’s important to start a tae kwon do session by stretching.

They also always start a class by running around and picking up little balls on the floor.


Sometimes they work on jumping. Pics:

and video:

And sometimes Nyan’s just silly.

Here’s a great example of Nyan noticing, and waving to, Daddy taking a video.

But of course, most of the work is on basic tae kwon do skills, like x-blocks and rising kicks.

And punches

Nyan’s starting to get pretty decent at running this obstacle course.

Another lesson: slamming medium-sized balls to the ground. I’m sure it’s meant to teach some important skill.

More practice:

And finally: martial arts are about discipline, and that means folding your uniform after you take it off. Nyan’s actually getting pretty good at it.


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