Five Years Old, Days 1, 2 and 3 (of 5)

10 Aug

The hero of this humble blog turned five years old on July 26. (No, we can’t believe he’s five already, either.) A couple months back, we started thinking about how to properly celebrate. Last year, you may recall, we had a big family gathering in the US on the day itself, and then a pretty big party with all his friends by the pool back home in Singapore a couple months later. Each was a ton of fun, and each was a ton of work. This year,  after looking at a few options, we thought we’d make it a little more restrained: a small cake party at school, and some special excursion the weekend before. Simple.

That’s not how it worked out, though. Because of a confluence of events and activities, the birthday celebrations ended up starting on a Saturday and continuing til Wednesday. That’s five days for five years (which might make a catchy #hashtag if this blog was into that sort of thing).

Let’s take a look back at the festivities, day by day by day by day by day.

Day One: Saturday

The Shaolin Monks were in town, and Nyan and Daddy got tickets.

The Shaolin Monks, you may or may not know, are Buddhist monks from China who practice a very impressive style of martial arts. And they’ve turned it into a stage show, and they tour around the world, giving a performance that tells the ancient history of the Shaolin temple (lots of warlords and fighting and the like) while also showing off their pretty amazing dexterity. (Sorry, no video of the actual performance.)

The show was at Marina Bay Sands, and afterwards, Daddy and Nyan took a nice long slow stroll along the water, with Nyan of course asking questions about every. single. thing. he. saw. Until finally we met up with Mommy for dinner. A nice start to the five-day party!

Day Two: Sunday

Nyan wanted a playdate with BFF Kyle, so a playdate he got. We met Kyle, his baby sister Kara and his parents at a newly discovered waterpark near the National Stadium. It’s a small place but just right for splashing around, swimming a bit, getting huge buckets of water dumped on your head, and the like. And it’s free! The boys splashed around for a while until a storm rolled in. Bummer. But the waterpark is actually on the roof of a shopping mall, so in we went. Strolled around for a while, ended up getting an early dinner at a food court. And goofed around on Kara’s stroller.

Day Three: Monday

On Monday, we played hooky from school and kicked the celebrations into another gear. A day trip into nearby Malaysia for the Legoland theme park!  We had no idea what to expect, but had heard good things about the place, so off we went.

The bus ride was only about an hour on the road, but it still took us about three hours to get there, thanks to having to get off the bus and clear immigration in both Singapore and, a mile later, Malaysia. It took a looooong time. But no real worries: by late morning we were inside the park. It was an overcast day, which meant it never got hot, and it was a Monday, which meant it never got crowded. Our timing couldn’t have been better!

One of our first stops was, of course, the Star Wars exhibit – home to lots of Lego models of various scenes from the movies. Plus life-sized Lego characters, and of course a gift shop.

There was also a section devoted to knights and castles and the like, also with a gift shop, where we bought Nyan what quickly become his favorite toy:

It also had a (somewhat tame) joust/horse ride:

Yes, Legoland had a lot of rides. Some of them were far too much for Nyan, like the roller coaster that Daddy went on solo. But other were more Nyan’s speed, like this quasi-roller coaster:

One sort-of downside to there being no crowds: no lines for rides like these, so both Mommy and then Daddy went on the ride with Nyan about three or four time each. Got a little seasick by the end, truth be told…

There was also a train:

And driving school. Nyan did pretty okay, for his first time. He’s certainly a cautious driver:

Legoland also had a lot of really intricate Lego models throughout the park.


And there was a movie theater with a 3D movie:


Best of all, there was a silly and goofy little boy, having the time of his life.

A great day overall, even though go through immigration on the way home was a test of patience, to say the least. But all’s well that ends well, and we got home and got to sleep, resting up for Day Four in our seemingly never-ending birthday extravaganza. Stay tuned for more…


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One response to “Five Years Old, Days 1, 2 and 3 (of 5)

  1. liz k

    August 16, 2016 at 2:03 pm

    Just wanted to say hi and belated happy birthday. Sounds like Nyan continues to be a very lucky little man. Lovely to hear what u guys are up to via this – miss u guys back in the UK tho no longer in Wanstead. Love from all the Kasozimusoke family. X


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