Five Years Old, Day 4 of 5

18 Aug

Continuing this chronicle of the extended celebrations for Nyan’s fifth birthday, we come now to day four, Tuesday the 26th. A.k.a, Nyan’s actual birthday.

The actual day itself ended up being one of the more mellow of his five birthday days. It was a school day, but that’s fine: most of his best friends are his classmates — he’s really close to many of them — so it makes perfect sense to spend the day with them.

And with Mommy and Daddy too: they showed up in the late morning with a cake. Nyan had requested a Transformers cake, so that’s what he got:

His friends all came together and sang before Nyan blew out the candles:

Other than that, there were goodie bags, silly children, and loads and loads of sugar. (Oops, sorry about that, teachers!) Really a fantastic way to celebrate.

Next up: the chilly conclusion to Nyan’s Five Days of Turning Five…

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