A Body at Rest (pics and video)

24 Nov

Ah, sleep. It’s a precious commodity for parents of young kids. We’re pretty lucky, really: Nyan typically sleeps until at least 7am most days. And the last two Saturdays, in fact, he’s slept past 8:30am, which allows all of us to sleep past 8:30. Of course, the past two Sundays, he’s been up at 5am. So it all evens out.

He goes through phases where he’ll wake up in the middle of the night for a night or two before returning to all-night sleeping. And last week, we had one instance where he just would NOT go to sleep at night – he kept getting up and opening the door, trying to go downstairs. It got to the point where Daddy had to lay on the floor of his room, almost restraining him, shushing him, trying to get him to calm down. Eventually he did fall asleep right there on the floor. It was an odd occurrence, and we chalked it up to him just being a two-year-old and testing boundaries.

But as I say, that was a rarity, happily. Mostly he sleeps quite well.

Here are a couple pictures of Nyan being rocked to sleep by Daddy – this is from several months ago actually, but the look is pretty much the same.

IMG_1370 IMG_1374

And here he is napping, again from a while back.


While we’re on the subject of sleep, let’s share a bunch of short videos of Nyan sleeping, from about a year and a half ago, back when our baby monitor had a video record function. We just found these videos recently. He’s active in some of them, and just sort of sleeping in others. (In one of them, he’s sound asleep but you can see his eyes moving behind his eyelids; clearly he’s in the REM stage. Kinda cool!)

Nope, these aren’t the most exciting videos ever. But they’re worth a quick look, especially for his biggest fans. Enjoy…

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