That’s Our Boy

30 Nov

Nyan Thomas can sometimes be rather, shall we say, particular about things. Things must be just so. For instance: we have a hall closet with doors that sort of fold outwards like an accordion. (I’m sure there’s a technical term for it, but I’m at a loss.) It’s an older house so things don’t always work just right, and you have to put a little extra push on the doors of the closet to get them all the way closed. If you don’t, then it sticks out about half an inch – no big deal until our boy sees it. “Close door!” he demands as he shuts it himself.

An even better example of his tendencies is shown in these photos, taken by Grandma early one morning a week or so ago. His trucks, cars, buses etc. all had to be lined up perfectly. And he spends a lot of time making sure that’s the case. He’s very diligent when he puts his mind to something…

(Click any photo to make it big)

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