Nyan Thomas’s Big Super-fun Weekend

17 Nov

Oh what a weekend we’ve had. A weekend filled with Grandma, and trucks, and Uncle Iain, and much more. We’ve got one tired little man today! Here are some highlights.

On Thursday, Uncle Iain and Auntie Zuzu were coming down for a visit. We’d mentioned – once – to Nyan that Iain was going to be driving this big-ass American-style pickup truck that Nyan really loves. By the time they picked him up from nursery mid-afternoon, it turned out that he had been telling everyone – his carers and his fellow students – all day long that Uncle Iain was bringing him a truck! So Nyan proudly strutted his stuff to the truck, no doubt casting a look back at his classmates that said ‘See ya, suckas!’

Here he is, in front of our house with Mommy, playing around with the truck:

Afterwards, all four of them went to the mall. Zuzu and Iain decided to buy the young man a gift or two – a nice rainproof jacket, and an ambulance! Nyan was quite pleased.

The next morning, we’d thought Grandma would arrive around 9am, after Nyan left for school; the plan was that she’d go pick him up after his post-lunch nap. But her plane landed early, her taxi was speedy, and she showed up around 6:30am. So by 7am, a very, very happy Nyan Thomas was cuddled up in his rocking chair, listening to Grandma read a book to him!


On Saturday, Grandma got to watch Nyan and Daddy in the swimming pool for his weekly lesson. It was chilly out, and Nyan’s been fighting a cold, so we didn’t do a whole lot otherwise, other than play, read, cuddle, run around the house – typical Nyan stuff. We weren’t crazy that he woke up at 5am, but woke up he did, wide awake.

So we all got up, and headed to Canary Wharf, where we visited the Docklands museum, which tells the story of London’s rise as a shipping center. Quite a fascinating museum, and free too – definitely highly recommended. Nyan loved all the models of boats, and the old bomb shelter, and generally running around.

By noon we headed to Royal China, a nearby restaurant that serves incredibly delicious food. We were quite worried that our very tired boy would have a meltdown from exhaustion, but he was perfectly behaved. He didn’t eat much, and by the end of our meal he had climbed under the table to play around (and at one point he lay down on his back; had we let him, I think he would have fallen fast asleep!). He dozed off in the stroller on the way back to the car, and was out like a light when we got home – and ended up sleeping for three hours.

Here’s Nyan and Mommy at the restaurant:

Then it was a quick visit to his friends Miri and Rosa, more playtime at home, dinner, bath, and bed. Whew!

Not a bad weekend at all – and we still get Grandma for many more days. Here, by the way, is Grandma, Nyan and Daddy. That’s one happy boy!



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