Santa Claus and the Space Rocket Car

15 Oct
Over breakfast this morning, Daddy asked Nyan what he often asks him: what did you dream about last night? Daddy had to scribble down some notes during today’s telling, because it’s just too damn good. Here ’tis:

So what did you dream about last night?

“Santa Claus. And…a space rocket car!”

Oh wow. Who was driving it? Santa?

“No. Nyan.”

Ah. Where was he driving it to?

“To.. Iowa!”

Cool. Who did you see there?

“Grandma. And Grandpa.”

Oh okay. What did you do there?

“I got out of the car. And I saw corn.”

But of course. What happened next?

“Grandpa cooked corn for me. And for Santa Claus.”

Ah, that was very nice of him. Then what happened?

“Then, Mommy and Daddy came.”

Anything else?

“Yeah. Santa Claus got trains as a present for me.”

Not a bad dream, eh?

The kid has been on a Santa kick this week – probably something he picked up from a friend at school. So we’ve explained how Santa comes on Christmas, delivers presents, all that. Since then, he’s been waking up and asking most mornings, “Is today Christmas? Did Santa bring me presents?” No buddy. Got a couple more months to wait!

2014-10-15 23.16.57


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