A Tale of Two Socks

28 Nov

If you’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Nyan Thomas in person (or if you’ve watched this video), you know that one of his quirks is that he loves to take off his socks. Not with his hands, mind you, but by kicking his legs or sliding his feet along whatever surface he happens to be laying on. We’re not sure why – does he like to stay cool? Thinks baby socks are for babies, and he ain’t no baby? Or are the socks coming off just an unintended side effect of his love of kicking his legs?

Regardless, the dude loses his socks left and right. So I was very happy to find, at a nearby children’s store recently, a few pairs of socks that fit him perfectly, that go up to his knees, and best of all, have elastic that holds them tight (not too tight, just right) to his feet.

We put a pair on him last night before bed, and early this morning, while changing his diaper (this was before I’d had a sip of coffee, mind you), I happily noted that both socks were still on there. Picture the scene, dear reader: his diaper is off; his onesie and PJs are pulled halfway up his chest so I can clean and change him, he’s cooing and giggling as I make funny sleepy faces at him… and when I saw the socks, I told him, “Aha! See? The socks stayed on! You couldn’t get them off! We win!”

Young Nyan Thomas is nothing if not clever, though. What did he do in response to my teasing?

He peed. A lot. All over the changing table, the wall, the floor, his PJs, his doting father… but mostly the pee went right to the socks.

So, yes, I took off the socks. Both of them. (And the rest of the clothes too, and gave him a quick bath, and did a quick load of laundry.)

The little guy won that battle, yes. But did he win the war? After his bath, I slipped his feet into a clean pair of, yes, socks. (But shorter ones, ‘cause that was all I could find.) Off we went to the living room for coffee, formula, and a bit of work for daddy.

And about 10 minutes later, one sock was gone.

Can’t win some days.

Here, just for the heck of it, is a picture of the guy from last night. I’m starting to learn how to get him to smile when the camera is out…

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