Nyan Had a Bad Week

17 Mar

The poor little guy. It started last Saturday; Mommy took him to Colchester and he was just not his usual happy jolly self. A little grumpy, a little less energetic than usual. We chalked it up to just one of those days.

But then, Sunday morning, he woke up as usual; Daddy fed him some breakfast and all seemed well. But not long after that, as he walked around Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom…. up came his breakfast, and then some. Seriously massive puking, all over the place. Poor Nyan. We got him cleaned up a bit… and he puked again. This happened a couple more times over the next couple of hours; eventually there was no more food left, and he was puking up just brown bile. He was freaked out too – likely by the acids burning his throat on their way up, and just by this new experience, since he’d never really puked before, other than burping up some milk here and there – and he felt slightly feverish and quite limp as well. We gave him a little bit of water with some sugar in it, just to rehydrate him; but that came right back up as well.

That was it; we strapped him into his car seat and headed for the emergency room. We had no idea what we were dealing with here, and had horrible visions of Nyan having to get an IV for fluids or the like. Ugh. At the hospital, they triaged us right away, then we saw an intake nurse, then we waited. The wait in total was maybe an hour and 15 minutes or so. In the meantime we just gave Nyan cuddles and carried him around the ER. He was no longer puking, and didn’t seem in any great distress, just a little tired.

Finally we saw the doctor, and whew, he said it was just a viral infection that should take care of itself. He wrote us a prescription for some low-grade meds (ibuprofen and the like), gave us some tips, and sent us on our way. Nothing to worry about!

And sure enough, Nyan napped on the way home, and by the time we got home, he looked like this:


Not long afterwards he was vamping up a storm as he posed with his sunglasses, which you’ve seen in an earlier post. So yeah, he was better. We fed him some very basic foods, and got him to drink as much water as possible, and we all went to bed early, exhausted.

He couldn’t go to school on Monday because he’d been sick, so Mommy stayed home with him in the morning, and Daddy came home in the afternoon. Nyan was feeling fine at this point, and if anything had a serious case of cabin fever and boredom, being stuck at home with those two old folks. But at least he was healthy!

He managed to do a good amount of dancing though. Here he is, late in the afternoon, taking a break from busting out his dance moves.


Tuesday, back to school; he was whiny and crying a fair amount. We couldn’t figure out why… Wednesday morning we figured it out: a bad case of constipation again – which of course causes tummy aches and general dis-ease. He was whining and fussing and just completely out of sorts. Aw, poor Nyan! We didn’t want to subject him to school, so Mommy stayed home with him and tried to comfort him. They had fun, but he was clearly not 100%. When Daddy got home, we did what we didn’t really want to do. Just one word: suppository. Let’s just say that it ended up being not as bad as we thought to administer – actually it was surprisingly easy – and let’s also just say that, within five minutes, all of his troubles were passed! Seriously, it was pretty amazing (if you’re easily amazed by these sorts of things, which we obviously are).

After plenty of high-fiving, we got him to bed. All was good… except both Nyan and Daddy woke up the next day with nasty colds. Doh! Lots of sneezing and coughing and runny noses these past few days. But now, a week after the puking, I think we can say that we’re in okay shape. Knock on wood.

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