That’s Entertainment!

16 Mar

Every year, the kids at Nyan’s preschool put on a big concert/recital/show at an auditorium, along with kids from a few other schools. Our boy has lots of personality, so we were very excited to see how he’d do on the big stage! Sure, a couple months prior, as rehearsals ramped up, he had expressed some reluctance to perform — but that reluctance had disappeared, and we had little reason to suspect he wouldn’t be one of the stars of the show.

Oh, how wrong we were.

It started off well. The auditorium was packed, the kids were decked out in their costumes, everyone – Nyan included – seemed in high spirits. Here’s some shots from before the show:

Then it was show time. Nyan, along with three of his classmates — Sander, Ning Ning and Kyra — had been selected to come out and warm up the crowd before his class’s performance. Here they are – a bit shy, sure, but good enough:


Then came the, shall we say, issues. The problem, we figured out later, was that the lights were off in the auditorium, of course – so anyone on stage couldn’t see anyone in the crowd. Just a sea of black. So our poor boy, in the very front row, looked out and saw nothing – least of all, he didn’t see Mommy and Daddy. He was not happy about this. How did he respond? He sulked through the entire performance. Oops. Mommy and Daddy were a wee bit embarrassed, but mostly we just thought it was hilarious. There’s always one in every crowd – and this one happened to be ours! Eh, what are you gonna do.

Check out these pics and videos (with apologies for the poor quality and shakiness):

Oh dear. At the end of the show, all the kids from all the schools came out for one big finale. The house lights were on at this point, so he could see us sitting about 20 rows back – and that seemed to make all the difference.


Afterwards, Nyan was all smiles and silliness. He goofed around with pals Adrianna and Nathaniel:

He held hands with Ning Ning as we walked out of the auditorium:

And we joined another classmate, Tanya, and her family for lunch at a nearby restaurant. More goofing around ensued.

So, all’s well that ends well and all that. The kid doesn’t like to perform in front of a huge crowd, or even a small crowd – he’s hardly alone in that. There’ll be another school concert later this year. How will he do? Eh, we’re not expecting much. But it’s all good.


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