Playdate at the Sports Hub

16 Dec

You read recently about the playdate Nyan had with Kyra and Chrysa at Gardens by the Bay. Not long after that, he met up with those two lovely ladies once again, along with fellow classmate Ming Xuan, for another Sunday afternoon of fun, this time at Singapore’s Sports Hub.

The Sports Hub is home to the National Stadium — a 60,000 seat domed affair — as well as a smaller arena, running tracks, tennis courts a large swim center, and (this being Singapore) a shopping mall. There’s also an exhibition space near all of this, and the day we went, there was some sort of tennis-related exhibition, to celebrate a big tennis tournament going on.

Some pictures of the kids:

We checked out the tennis bits, but the kids were more interested in goofing around inside the mall. Such as making goofy faces in the reflection of a car display:

Or just milling about among the crowds:

The real fun, though, came when we decided to get our swimsuits and head to the waterpark on the roof of the mall. It’s a small but great little play area, complete with water slides — here are Nyan and Ming Xuan cheering either Kyra or Chrysa as they come down the slide:

And general playtime:

Another great Sunday full of fun, friends and outdoor activities.

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