Happy Birthday, Kyle!

05 Mar

February is always chock full of birthday parties, and this year was certainly no exception, with no less than three weekend parties spread across the short month. We kicked the festive season off by celebrating with Kyle, whom we don’t see nearly often enough.

He was turning 7, and his parents threw a party at a recreational place that featured multiple climbing walls. A great place for hyper kids (and their parents too) to burn off some energy!

Nyan wasn’t too interested in climbing, but he did have fun playing around with the wall that had images projected onto it, images that would change when they were slapped.

There was plenty of cake and sweets and song-singing, of course.

A special treat was the dry ice they used to give the cake that foggy glow. The kids played with the leftover dry ice afterwards, too.

And a kid’s birthday party isn’t a kid’s birthday without plenty of random playtime, plus bubbles…

Look how big little Kara – Kyle’s sister – is getting!

We leave you with some images of Daddy scaling the walls. That’s right, the parents could climb too. Daddy had never gone climbing before but he picked it up pretty quickly. Well done, Daddy!


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