A  (Potential) New School

08 Mar

The school that Nyan currently attends, Chatsworth East, is closing down at the end of this school year in June, relocating to a new campus on the other side of the island. We decided that we didn’t want to send him there — it’s too far to commute each day, and we didn’t want to move house — so we went back to the market for a new school.

One possibility was a brand-new school, opening this summer for the first time. It’s run by a company that operates several other schools across Singapore, and has a good reputation. So when we heard there was an open house at the new place one Saturday, we decided to go.


The building isn’t huge, but it’s been nicely done up inside. Here are some of the new classrooms:

Nyan was understandably most interested in the specialty rooms, like this music room.

They also have a science lab!

And a room full of tools for cutting, sawing, pounding and 3D-printing.

It was hard to pull Nyan away from this room, frankly.

There was also one of those wall-displays where you put pipes and shelves and whatnot and try to get marbles to roll down. Nyan loved that as well.

Finally, he had a blast exploring the gymnasium area, full of ropes and balls and hockey sticks and other fun things.

It was an impressive school, though it felt a bit small and lacked any outdoor space. Most crucially, it was still pretty far from our place and would have called for a long bus ride every morning and every afternoon. In the end, we chose another school, much closer to home, that he’ll enroll at starting in August. More on that later in the summer.


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