A Week at the Office

24 Apr

Nyan got two weeks off from school for spring break in late March. We had a family vacation planned for week two, but nothing for week one. We decided he’d spend two days at work with Mommy, and two days with Daddy as he worked from home. (The fifth day was a public holiday.)

Mommy’s office happened to be hosting the company CEO and other top execs in from California that week, so our boy needed to dress up both days. We were a little worried he might fuss, given his usual leisure time outfit of tshirt and shorts, but not to worry – not a word of complaint. And check him out! He sharp up good.

At the office, Mommy had him do all sorts of tasks, like help fill out expense accounts. He proved to be a diligent worker:

But he’s still only six. While Mommy was on a conference call, he would keep quiet, but did ask her questions, and share important information via post-it notes:

(Jenny Johnson is the name of one of the execs who was coming to town. For some reason, Nyan has always been quite interested in her.)

Nyan likes to eat, so he and Mommy took frequent breaks in the food court downstairs:

After his stint at Mommy’s office, he got to stay home with Daddy a couple days, where his tasks included a lot of paper shredding. He was very much into that. And also just hanging out and eating, and putting ‘keep out’ notes across his bedroom door. (We think he may have been getting a little bored by the end of the week…)

All in all, I’d say he enjoyed his week of work. Although he didn’t seem upset in the least when it was time to return to school! 

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One response to “A Week at the Office

  1. Stephanie

    May 10, 2018 at 9:51 am

    I miss him!!! Please ask mummy to bring you to the office again!!! I need more drawings from you to fill up the partition behind me! 🙂


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