Fun and Games with Nyan

21 Apr

When Nyan’s not reading or playing with his Legos, he’s doing… well, all sorts of things. Let’s take a look.

There’s his Lego robotics class every Saturday morning. Recently he built a Lego machine gun. 

Also on Saturdays is his afternoon/evening soccer class. Check out how excited he gets when he… kicks the ball.

Then there’s his Thursday evening taekwondo class, which always starts out with some stretching. (And of course, any video that Daddy takes through the window of the classroom inevitably ends with Nyan looking at the camera and grinning.)

Not all of his fun comes from a class, though. Several evenings per week, Nyan is downstairs at our condo complex, running around and playing. Usually with Jayden, but sometimes Jayden isn’t around, like one recent  evening when only Lily was there. Here they are playing a little one-on-one soccer.

Nyan has a complicated relationship with Lily: his bestie is Jayden, and Lily is also close to Jayden. Nyan does not like it when Jayden is playing with Lily and so is not especially warm toward the young lady. So, it’s somewhat remarkable, in a good way, that Nyan is able to play nicely with Lily. Of course, it tends to be only when Jayden isn’t around, but it’s something at least.


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