Celebrating Books at School 

18 Apr

Our boy likes to read just a little bit, as we’ve noted. So he was naturally very excited when his school announced they’d be hosting Book Week in March, a week full of activities around books and reading. Heaven for young Nyan.

Among the events was a Book Fair, where there were lots and lots of books to buy. Nyan bought a handful – mostly from his current favorite series, Geronimo Stilton.

Probably the highlight of the week came on Friday, when all the kids were encouraged to dress up as a favorite book character. Nyan decided he wanted to be Sir Lancelot, the knight from the King Arthur books (which we’ve been reading to him from time to time). He’s been a knight for Halloween, but we couldn’t just reuse that; we did use his old helmet and sword, but we made up a new shield, painted in roughly the colors that Lancelot was said to use (the historical record is sketchy, to say the least). Here he is, putting it all together and posing:

At school that Friday morning, all the kids marched out, proudly parading their costumes.

They posed as a class:

And they goofed around, as kids will do:

Surely the highlight of the highlight was when Darth Vader himself made an appearance!*

*No, Star Wars isn’t really a book (although, yes, they turned the stories into books), so dressing as characters from the film series is a *bit* of a cheat. But who’s counting. 

And finally, Nyan made his own book! At least a couple pages of it. Myles is one of his classmates; what the rest of the story is about is, frankly, a mystery. But it sure is creative!

Bonus pictures: on another Friday in March, the school had what they called “Groovy Glasses Day,” when everyone was encouraged to wear silly, goofy or groovy eyeglasses. Nyan took one of his fake pairs, put some colorful tape on it, and called it groovy. Works for us.

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