Charles Darwin Comes to Singapore

11 Mar

Singapore’s ArtScience Museum hosted a traveling exhibit of goodies from London’s Natural History Museum, including some artifacts from Charles Darwin himself. Nyan’s always been a fan of Darwin — Darwin is, in fact, Nyan’s benchmark for if something or someone is old or not; if it’s older than Darwin, it’s old. If not, not so old — so off we went.

The Art Science Museum is downtown, part of the Marina Bay Sands complex, with great views of the city skyline.

Outside the exhibit was a fake tiger and gear that explorers would wear, which visitors could put on and be silly.

Inside were those artifacts from London, collected by naturalists over many years of exploring. There were lion statues and taxidermied tortoises…

And journal entries written by none other than Darwin himself!

We had fun messing around with shadows:

One of the conceits of the exhibit was, What if some of the skeletons at the museum came to life? And it showed video animation of the outcome – dolphins swimming through the halls of the museum; a pack of saber-tooth tigers snacking on some prey. Kinda cool. There was also a little light display meant to show a tiger’s footprints. Nyan enjoyed that:

They also had an interactive science lab, where kids could select items and actions on a computer screen and it would figure out the results of the experiment. Our boy was definitely into that.

But he said his favorite bit was the faux sailing ship that he could climb into and pretend to be steering across the ocean.

A very cool and informative exhibit.

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