The Singapore Air Show, Take Two

02 Mar

Every two years, Singapore hosts the Singapore Air Show. It’s mostly an exhibition for airplane makers (and arms dealers) to try to sell their stuff to Southeast Asian governments. But they also open it up to the public for aerobatics shows, tours of airplanes and helicopters, and more. It’s a young boy’s dream; we attended the show in 2016 and weren’t going to miss the 2018 edition, either.

Here’s our hero in the taxi ride to the show. Check out that expression when we pass the airfield and he gets his first glimpse of all the jets parked there, waiting for him:

And sure enough, there were military jets, private jets, helicopters, you name it. Some of them were just for display; others had huge lines of people waiting to tour inside or sit in the cockpit.

Besides a helicopter or two, we took a tour of a US Air Force plane – an aging AWACS radar plane with what looked like 1960s technology, but which the crew said would be used for another 30 years or so.

We also made sure to get a good position for the aerial show, which featured plans from number of regional Air Forces – including Singapore, of course – showing off what they can do with their planes.

The Singapore Air Force had its own pavilion, with lots of displays of its technology, and even a model of a fighter jet for kids to sit in and take pictures.

And inside the cavernous exhibition hall were displays from scores of companies who sell everything from airplane seatbelts to military drones. Nyan was really into the model airplanes. Daddy was less into the crowds.

Among the exhibitors was the company that operates Singapore’s Changi Airport. They are in the midst of building a new shopping mall at the airport called Changi Jewel, and they had a scale model of the new mall on display.

The new mall will include a special feature: high-grade netting that will be suspended high above the ground for people to walk and bounce on. There was a section of the netting on display at the airshow, and people were welcome to try it out. So we did.

Fun stuff!

Bonus: A day or two before the airshow, some jets from the Korean air force were practicing some moves ahead of their display at the airshow. But, oops, on take-off, one of them lost control or something and, well, things did not end well:

No one was hurt, happily, but the Koreans had to pull out of the aerobatics show. Too bad. (Video sent by a friend.)

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