Nyan Thomas Does KL

12 Mar

A few months back, Phwa Phwa (aka Mommy’s Mommy) was visiting for a few weeks. We decided a weekend get-away was in order, so we hopped a cheap plane for the 45-minute flight to Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Mommy’s cousin Molly lives there and promised to show us around a bit.

In a lot of ways, KL is everything that Singapore is not. It’s chaotic, it’s dirty, it’s noisy, it’s run-down in spots, and it’s got plenty of urban energy. It wouldn’t be a place we’d want to live at this point in our lives, but after a half day of adjusting to a ‘real’ city – as opposed to the somewhat sanitized city that Singapore can be – we really started to enjoy it.

Here’s our boy posing at the airport on the way out, and hanging out waiting for the elevator at the hotel in KL, and at the airport on the way home:

KL is known for the Petronas Towers – a pair of ornate skyscrapers that were, when they were built in 1998, the tallest towers in the world. (Now they’re  something like 8th tallest.) They’re gorgeous from outside, and well worth a trip up – you walk across the ‘skybridge’ that connects the towers at the 43rd floor, then head to the top of one of the towers for some great views across KL, even when it’s hazy like the day we were there.

Some random shots of KL in all its gritty urban glory:

Here we are hanging out in a tree, and in Chinatown:

And more random shots, including Nyan drawing at dinner, Nyan inside an electric car on display at a fancy shopping mall, and the family at dinner.

That’s KL in a nutshell. Dirty, gritty, urban, and frankly a great change of pace from Singapore. Still, no offense to KL, but we’ll take Singapore for now.


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  1. mukul chand

    March 12, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    Great Post


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