Of Boats and Planes

09 Mar

We like to sniff out lesser-known little corners of Singapore, and we found a couple of gems recently: The Boat Museum and the Air Force Museum.

The Air Force Museum is exactly that – a museum devoted to the Singaporean Air Force. It’s on the edge of a nearby airbase, and it’s got a nice indoor display of the history of the force, and a large space downstairs with actual jets, helicopters, missile launchers and more. There’s even a flight simulator, though that wasn’t working the day we went.

Did our boy like it? Silly question.

We also came across the Boat Museum — more properly known as the Singapore Maritime Gallery — tucked away in a little corner of downtown, on the water, of course. It’s put together by the local container shipping industry, so it’s got a real pro-shipping vibe, but that’s fine. There’s displays of the history of shipping in Singapore (shipping having been what really put this tiny island on the map, way back when), models of boats and ships and oil rigs, and views of the nearby ferry terminal and all the boats at anchor outside of Singapore Harbor.

Perhaps best of all: there’s a boat simluator — it lets you pretend to be at the helm of one of several types of boats, and you try to steer it through storms, marine traffic, waves and more. Pretty cool!

We liked both places very much, and agreed that although they’re out of the way and not the easiest to get to, they definitely deserve being visited again. So when Grandma and Grandpa visited recently, Nyan made sure to take them to the Air Force Museum!

The flight simulator was working this time, so Nyan and Grandpa got to play:

Here’s to Singapore’s excellent lesser-known museums!

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