Today’s video: playtime

23 Apr

We’re back in New York after a week-long tour of the fine airports of the upper Midwest (okay, actually just two airports – Cedar Rapids and Detroit – but we spent far more time at each than we expected/wanted) and, especially, the Hawkeye State. Plenty of photos and video coming in the coming days, plus more details on the many, many firsts that young Nyan Thomas experienced over the past week-plus. But first, this video, of Daddy playing with Nyan on the floor of Uncle Scott’s house.

(It’s hard to say which character is making more silly nonsensical sounds in this one, Nyan or Daddy. Smart money is on Daddy; but then, when is he *not* talking nonsense, really?)

Shot in Naperville, Illinois, on Sunday April 15, 2012:

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