Two Videos: Learning to Crawl; Cow Pt 2

06 Feb

First up: our hero tries to crawl. He’s so close to actually doing it; he wants it so bad; he just can’t get over that hump. But soon.

Part of the problem is that we have very slick hardwood floors, which keeps him from getting any traction. We can put our hands behind him, giving him someplace solid to push off of as he scoots himself forward. Not quite crawling, but it gets him moving at least.

(We’re of two minds when it comes to him crawling, if we’re to be honest. Of course it’ll be a monumental achievement, an important part of his development, etc. But we also know that once he figure it out, he’s gonna be just all over the place. If we think we’re exhausted keeping up with him now, just wait ‘til he’s actually mobile…)

Today’s second video feature is young Nyan Thomas hanging out on the bed, chatting with his friend Beau the Bull, reaching for his pink dummy (pacifier), and just being himself. Enjoy!


Posted by on February 6, 2012 in Video


2 responses to “Two Videos: Learning to Crawl; Cow Pt 2

  1. Stephanie H.

    February 6, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    Again, he’s too cute for words.


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