A Visit from Grandma and Aunt Maggie!

29 Feb

We’re a bit late with this one; apologies, but it’s been a busy month. Nevertheless: in late January, young Nyan Thomas got a visit from Grandma L. and Aunt Maggie. Maggie could only stay a couple days, but Grandma got to stay for nearly a week. Let’s look at some pictures…

Grandma and our little guy:

Playtime with Aunt Maggie:

Uncle Scott didn’t make it this time, but he was there in spirit, as he and Maggie sent Nyan, for Christmas, a hand-made rocking horse (among other things). Awesome! And the boy LOVES it:

Aunt Maggie got to give the boy a bath. (Yes, we make all of our houseguests give our son a bath. Hey, when you consider how much our guests save in  hotel costs, it’s worth it, no? And no one, least of all Nyan, seems to really mind…)

Lots of cuddle time too.

It’s been a relatively mild winter, which means Grandma got to stroll the mean streets of Brooklyn with our boy:

And of course, the boy loves his cuddles.

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