Halloween Party! (with pictures and videos)

25 Oct

Today was the annual Halloween party at Nyan’s nursery (aka daycare), and all the parents were invited to stop by in the mid afternoon. So we did – and we made sure that our young man had a proper Halloween costume, too. It was a big room with maybe 30 kids from age 1 to 5 or so, and about as many parents. There were songs, snacks, and general playtime. Best of all, if we do say so ourselves, was Nyan’s costume. Check out the slideshow of pictures… not to mention the videos below…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(As you can see, Mommy and Daddy wore Nyan’s lion headdress more than he did…)

And we took video, too. Here’s the young man during “Jo Jingles” time, which is when this woman comes in with songs and instruments, and leads the kids in singalongs. Nyan was tired (he woke up at 3:45 the night before and wouldn’t go back to sleep! Turns out lots of the kids at nursery woke up early too – maybe they knew something big was happening that day?), and since he was tired, he wasn’t all that into the music or the clapping. But at one point he does notice Mommy with the camera from across the room.


Later on, Nyan was dancing with Mommy:


And finally, not much going on in this brief video, just a lion and his daddy:

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