Happy Birthday to Abi! 

04 Mar

February was the month of birthdays. Multiple parties at school, and nearly every weekend brought one or more party at someone’s house. First up was Abi, who threw a lovely pool party at her condo down the road.

It was an iffy day, weather wise, and in fact we got caught in a shower walking to the party:


But the clouds cleared out and the party went on. Abi’s parents had hired a company that brings giant inflatable pool toys, and they were a huge hit.

Nyan didn’t quite get the concept of the waterslide:

He started to figure it out though:

Adriana, Nyan and Kyra enjoyed floating on a giant inflatable rainbow popsicle:

And (trying to) row a row boat across the pool:

Or just chillaxing in the water.

And of course there was cake

Mostly thought, it was about good times with good friends

A special surprise was Teacher Faiza, who had been Nyan’s teacher (and Abi’s, too) for most of the last two years.


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