Fun Times in January 

01 Mar

We said farewell in January to an old friend: the rocking chair we had bought when Nyan was on his way, some six years ago. The chair was showing its age, and not really needed, rocking-wise, so we upgraded to a nice blue thingie. That meant the chair had to go.

Nyan gave it a warm send-off as we took it downstairs to be taken to a farm upstate. Or the recycling truck, whichever.

What other bits of random silliness and fun did we get up to in January? Let’s take a look.

Here’s Nyan singing “happy birthday” for a video message to cousin Kiki:

Skipping for joy in a local shopping center:

He *really* likes this cartoon called PJ Mask:

Cartwheels at the end of a long school day. All gymnasts may be equal, but some are clearly more equal than others.

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