Nyan Thomas, Musician

09 Feb

Music is pretty important around Casa de Nyan, as Mommy and Daddy have always tried to get Nyan interested in tunes, through singing, listening to music, even dinking around on Daddy’s guitars. Nyan is starting to show more and more interest in music, we’re happy to report, including actually making it – through a cheap and simple Disney keyboard, and more recently through an awesome Casio keyboard that Auntie Zuzu and Uncle Iain got Nyan for Christmas.

Here’s Nyan on the Disney keyboard:

And a pair of videos of Nyan on the Casio (with a little help from his Daddy):

(Of course, near the end of that second one, we see Nyan get up from the keyboard and go try to turn on the iPod. Guess he got bored…)

Finally, as proof that Nyan’s at least a double threat when it comes to making music, here he is, shredding on Daddy’s acoustic guitar:

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