New-Old Pajamas

03 Oct

Yesterday, we were rooting around in Nyan’s closet for something and came across a few pajama pants and shirts that we don’t have in normal rotation because they’re long-sleeve and/or more for colder climes, and we live basically on top of the equator. Daddy had the thought that perhaps Nyan might like to wear these after all – sort of a blast from the past. (Yes, we live in the tropics, but we do tend to keep his room rather cool at night, so it’s not like he’s going to overheat, don’t worry). So Daddy pulled out the pants from an old snake pajama outfit, and a long-sleeve dinosaur shirt.

Did Nyan appreciate it? Well, check out these photos – they’re mostly blurry because the young man was so damn excited about his new-old PJs that he could hardly keep still!

He’s already asking for the ‘snake shirt’ – that is, the PJ top that go with the snake pants. It’s a long-sleeve shirt, but whatever; we’ll get that out for him. Anything to make the boy happy, right?


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