A Little More Taekwondo

15 Jun

Time for a periodic check-in on Nyan’s progress in martial arts. The short version: slow but steady progress.

The long version: here are some pictures and videos.

He has fun, but he also works hard at the various exercises and routines.

Oh yes, they still do the warm-up routine where the teacher dumps balls on the ground, and the kids run around picking them up.

Here’s Nyan practicing his moves, and being a little silly, one week when a substitute teacher was in.

Some sort of running exercise, with a little silliness thrown in for good measure.

Sometimes he catches Daddy taking a video. Oops.

All that hard work paid off when, in May, Nyan went for his grading exercise and passed! Here’s his teacher, Mr. Lee, awarding him with some new badges for his belt. Next stop: Yellow belt! Mommy and Daddy couldn’t be more proud.

Next up: Because Nyan is about to turn six (!?), he moves out of the “kinder” class and into the real intro class. Stay tuned!

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