Fun Days at the Park

02 Oct

(Note from the editor: We’re back! We’re not sure why we missed a month there — well, there were some more travels, and a birthday party, and this and that — but we’re back! More regular blogging to resume immediately. First up, a look back to our summer trip.)

Iowa City has lots of great parks, including City Park — not a creative name, but it’s got a lot going on, including some amusement park rides. They’ve been around since Daddy was Nyan’s age, and they’ve somehow survived all the years (and all the cold winters and all the floods) in pretty good shape. Nyan’s been there before (check out this entry from 2012 – look how little he was!) but he still had fun every time we went this summer – which was at least three separate occasions.

His favorite ride was probably the train, which rides around in a slow loop:

On one of our visits, the train wasn’t running, so Nyan just took a stroll and a jog along the tracks:

And what little kid doesn’t like to pilot his own plane?

Of course, as this video makes clear, it’s a rather rickety-sounding plane. But hey.

The ferris wheel looks a bit like a prison but safety first, I guess. And Nyan enjoyed it.

And finally, a Merry-Go-Round ride with Grandma. What could be better?






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