Into the Pool

21 May

In the weeks leading up to our move to Singapore, we would tell Nyan about all the things we’d be doing, such as going to the beach and visiting lots of swimming pools. He was always less than enthused, usually saying that he’d be making a sand castle while he watched Daddy or Mommy swimming.

On one of our first days here, Mommy and Daddy were swimming in the rather large pool at the hotel we’re staying at, and predictably enough, Nyan decided he would get in the pool after all. Of course, Nyan being Nyan, he had to do it on his terms – which is to say, by riding Daddy’s shoulders. Not that Daddy minded.


Later, young Nyan Thomas got brave enough to go in the pool by himself. Well, it was just the kiddie pool. But that still counts:


“Swimming,” Nyan style. He also found time to strut around the pool.


Sad to say, we haven’t been able to get back to the pool too many times since then, as our days have been filled up with apartment viewings, school visits, trips to government offices to get our visas squared away, and the like. But we’ll get back in there soon, and we fully expect him to be swimming laps in no time.


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