Nyan’s School Portfolio

03 Apr

As we have mentioned, much of Nyan’s artwork, writings, and other school work has been collected into a large binder, called My Portfolio, all year long. It’s a wonderful book, and we got to take it home for a couple weeks, during which time we scanned some of the best bits. Let’s take a look.


It includes a fair number of photos from throughout the school year

A letter he wrote to Mommy:


Half photo, half self portrait. Check ot the detail on his shirt.


This next one is a fun one:


Check out the detail! Of course, he’s drawing Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom, not his own, since he ends up in their bed most nights, still. Grr. But whatever: see Daddy checking the news as he enjoys coffee in bed; see Nyan reading in bed; see the dresser, the window and curtains, the ceiling fan, the round bulb atop the bedpost! The kid has a good eye.

Things he likes: food. music. library. reading. sweets. etc.


And things he dislikes, including cabbage, drowning, stinky smells, deep dark woods and some music. And bugs, too.


Some random factoids he learned about Singapore history:


He drew this happy self-portrait at the start of the school year back in August. Good stuff.


(The words are small; they say: “I feel happy because I am doing science” and “I feel happy because I met Jayden.”)

Last but not least, this wasn’t in his Portfolio but we’ll include it anyway. For Chinese New Year — the Year of the Dog — the kids put resolutions of sorts on paper dog bones, and pinned them up on a board at school. Nyan’s: “I need to improve on fast writing. I need to impove on listening skills.”  We certainly wouldn’t disagree on the second point, at least!

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